Prayer Works

September 21, 2018
Prayer Works

Let's learn through Love & Joy by choosing forgiveness!

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Yesterday, I had the beautiful opportunity to connect on video chat with my sweet friend and fellow A Course in Miracles teacher, Maria Felipe. We were talking about the power of prayer. She was saying that one of my Prayers for Today was how she first connected with me, and how much she loves my prayers.

We were talking about how prayer works. It’s a seed planted in the One Mind of all creation. As long as we let it grow, it will bring what it’s intended to bring. The challenge most of us have is that we will plant a seed of powerful affirmation, but then we negate it many times over.

Many are taught to believe that prayer is begging and beseeching God, and that God that we’re beseeching may or may not be listening, that God may or may not grant our wish. But that’s not my experience.

We’re part of Spirit. We share the Infinite Mind of our Creator, and our mind is very holy because of this.

We can plant whatever seeds that we would like. That’s our free will. We can pull them up and replant anytime we’d like. That’s our prerogative. We can energize negativity or we can energize Love– it’s our choice.

No matter what we choose to think, whatever it is we think, we’re pouring it into the One Mind of the Infinite and sharing it with all beings, all day every day.

We can pollute the mind we share. We can replay the same painful memories. We can harbor attack thoughts– or we can extend Love, kindness, generosity and helpfulness. We get to choose what we feel like contributing today – toxicity or relief from toxins. God doesn’t judge what we choose.

We can learn through pain or we can learn through Joy. Choose ye this day whom you will serve, God or ego.

There is no punishment if we choose ego. If we choose ego, we experience more ego and learn from that. If we choose Love, we experience Love’s expansion and we learn from that.

Have you had an amazing experience of prayer? If you’d like to share, I’d love to know – please share in the comments below!

In my retreats, we have a lot of positive and healing prayer. People have consistently experienced healing of chronic physical and emotional issues because of the deep healing work we do. If you’d like to really let go of the past, consider joining with me and other like-minded souls. I’m offering my Forgive & Be Free Retreat and my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive in October. You’re invited to our healing party!

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