Smooth Sailing Through Challenges

September 8, 2018
Smooth Sailing Through Challenges

We’re overcoming challenges today and I LOVE it!

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Today, I’m going to be doing an all day yoga training as part of my certification as a Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Instructor. I’ve heard that it’s going to be very intense and also very rewarding. That’s how a lot of the best days are.

I’ve learned to look forward to the challenges that help me grow and to not be intimidated by what others think is hard. I don’t let other people’s opinions slow me down (most of the time.)

Fortunately, all of my friends are encouraging and not one of them would discourage me in any way. That’s a blessing. I trust that all of my friends feel the same way about me.

I used to say that “people will pay money to stand in line to discourage others.” They would. We see a lot of the people are discouraging and attacking of others. It is the way of the ego.

But we are not our egos.

Let us offer up fear of other’s opinions, discouraging thoughts, and fear of following our hearts.

My heart is in this day that lies ahead of me.
Spirit is in charge.
Love will prevail.

I’m good to go!

Please do hold me in prayer today as every time I am lifted up, all are lifted.

Where once I would wake up from dreams of car crashes, angry fights, failures, carnage and all kinds of horrifying scenes, now I mostly wake up from dreams of sharing with others and being so filled with Joy that we get to meet and share, learn and grow together. How cool is that?

Never give up. Go for it. Say yes to Love! That’s the way of mastery and Freedom.

The biggest challenge I’ve ever had was being willing to Love when I was hurt.
I’ve overcome that and found the way.
I practice it every day.

What challenge would you like us to hold in prayer for you today? Please make a note in the comments below!

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