Stand In the Open

September 4, 2018
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Stand In the Open

I love the Maine sunsets, the seagulls and the scenery while we sit outside and have a family dinner of fresh fish at the Bagaduce Lunch. Everything is perfect except the mosquitos!

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So often I feel moved to write a Daily Spiritual Espresso that’s entitled Don’t Give Up, but then I think about half of my daily blogs would be called that. Maybe I could rename the Daily Shot of Spiritual Espresso and call it Daily Reminder to Not Give UP! LOL.

The alternate title for today is Don’t Give Up, but Spirit showed me the title Stand In the Open instead.

You may have heard me say this:

The judger always feels judged.
The attacker always feels attacked.
The lover always feels beloved.

That’s been my life learning and it’s been a helpful reminder to me. I can choose my experience. I prefer to feel beloved ALL the time, and yet sometimes, I forget.

For decades I didn’t know that the judgment I felt and the attacks I felt could bother me or not bother me. It took me a good many years to realize that when I was self-loving other people’s attacks didn’t bother me. They became cries for Love that I could answer by extending compassion and kindness.

I am not always successful, but my batting average is getting better and better and I am grateful for that every day.

When I fail at being loving, my recovery time is getting shorter and shorter and I’m celebrating that every day.


I AM God victorious when I realize that someone else is trigged and I can do the opposite of what I would have done in the past. In the past I would have been so threatened that I’d have to poke the bear just to feel righteous that it was all them and not me. Ugh.

I AM God victorious when I feel the patterns of separation coming up for healing and I choose healing.

I am dedicating my life to this because I never thought I could be truly excellent at anything. God is excellent as me when I am willing to let the past go.

No matter how long and intense the past has been, I can let ALL of it go now. That is my redemption. I can offer it to myself and share it with others. In fact, that’s my goal. That’s my heart’s desire. That’s my passion.

I see everything in my life being continuously transformed through my choosing Freedom and finding that it was there all along – I could have chosen sooner, but that I’m choosing now is the miracle that I’m focused on.

I used to hide in the shadows with my little daggers of judgment and attack. I used to creep around people offering my complaints and criticisms.

Now, I can stand in the open, with humility and ask for support. I can ask for collaboration in healing. I can share what I’ve learned without thinking I’m superior. It’s a huge relief.

I can stand in the Light and simply feel free and that’s all because I didn’t give up.

Don’t give up!

If you’d like support in doing this work of letting go of the past and being that impetus for healing in your family and in your workplace without getting discouraged and giving up, please consider taking my Finding Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual bootcamp and joining with other like-minded souls who are doing the same work.

I find that when we do the work together we get there faster and we laugh a lot more. It’s so much easier when we peel the layers of painful patterns together. Easier, faster, more Love, more Light, more fun, that’s the way for me!

Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual bootcamp with ACIM Principles starts on Thursday!

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