Summer Vacation

September 1, 2018
Summer Vacation

Let’s reclaim our innocence and forgive the past forever!

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I’m on vacation with my family this week in Maine with family at our family home and so I’ve been on a different schedule and sometimes writing the blog right before it’s sent in the morning. I know this bothers some people and I’m sorry for that, but sometimes, my schedule is either so tight it’s the only time I have, or I put family and friends first on vacation.

If it bothers you that the blog isn’t there in your early morning because of your time zone, just know it won’t last, I’ll be back to my regular schedule when the vacation is over.

Right now the younger ones are still sleeping and the house is quiet.

I could take a vacation from the blog, and recycle older ones, but I really enjoy sharing and writing as part of my spiritual practice. I enjoy our daily prayer connection too.

I’ve been recording that daily prayer for 11 years. I took a break for 2 weeks once and haven’t felt the need to do it since that time.

When I’m writing and when I’m recording the prayer I feel the connection with those who will participate and share with me. I often get ideas from you. They are transmitted in the one mind.

I do find it amazing that life is always teaching me something that I can share with others who might find it useful.

I’m so grateful that every day gives me a TRUE opportunity to be more loving and kind, to learn something and grow. That makes every day a healing day. It makes every day I can experience a miracle.

My days used to be spent gathering resentments and taking offense. I felt like I was in a constant state of burning upset. That’s long gone and only minor upsets happen now. I’m more aware than ever when I spend time with my family. Things have changed so much.

My gratitude resounds throughout the universe!

It really is all about learning to release the attachments to the past, the meaning we made of things, the little offenses and the ones we label big and unforgivable. I used to think that unforgivable hurts were a badge to wear. Now, I don’t wish to ever remember them or hold them. They are over and done. Let me learn and move on.

Let me be a grudge holder no more.
Love holds no grievances nor do I for Love is my true nature.

It was during that my time of focus on release of attachments, and valuing the truth that I shifted into the healing practices that became my Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual bootcamp and my life began change for the better – and it’s continued to this day.

My whole orientation changed and I began to achieve lasting success and the healing took hold in my heart and mind. I no longer have any days where I feel like I’m sliding back. That feeling is gone and I am forever grateful!

Let’s lay every remembrance of grievances against ourselves or others onto the Holy Altar Fire of Divine Love and let them be forever resolved back to their root cause so we never experience them again.

Are you in? Let’s do it!

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