Wrong Perspective

September 15, 2018
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Wrong Perspective

Dogs have a different perspective, and that’s helpful!

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I saw in the news yesterday that some of the people who were in the path of storm didn’t evacuate and then had to be rescued. I can relate to that. I have been in denial many times in my life. I’ve ignored the signs. I’ve refused help, and then found myself in a rough situation. It’s painful.

A Course in Miracles tells us that pain is a wrong perspective. The painful perspective is always one where we’re feeling separate from Spirit and on our own, struggling to figure things out and to work our will.

One of the great gifts of my spiritual practice is that now I see, feel, and know that everything is working together for my good. I truly feel that Life itself is for me. Nothing is against me.

I write so often about not giving up and holding the high watch for others because IT WORKS! We must persevere and not give up when it comes to shifting our perspective.

It’s very easy to get inured to pain and suffering. As a spiritual counselor 18 years now, I’ve seen it again and again. That’s why spiritual healing and awakening is so miraculous! Spiritual practice is profoundly transformative and it picks up speed as we go along.

We are not a body.
We are pure Spirit.
Spirit is the ONLY power there is.

Where in your life are you experiencing ANY kind of pain that you’ve just gotten used to?

Forgive yourself for allowing that sleepwalking to occur.
Forgive yourself for letting it go on so long.
Then give the healing to the Holy Spirit and ALLOW the healing to happen.

We cannot allow the healing to happen while simultaneously be complaining, judging and criticizing. I know a lot about this!

I’ve learned the power of positive affirmations and letting Spirit show me the way.

As I hold the high watch for others and energize their healing and transformation, I witness my own healing happening. It’s never boring and always spectacular!

Forgiveness is the key to giving us the strength of mind to call forth and accept a better life. Forgive yourself for delaying, resisting or procrastinating and move into the healing zone.

Pain really is a perspective that’s wrong-minded and not necessary. Let’s open ourselves to ALL manner of support and transcend the belief in limitations. Let us not suffer anymore!

I focus on self-forgiveness in my life, my work and in everything – it’s so powerful and transformative. I truly believe it is the only way out of our difficulties. Would you like to experience some lasting transformation and start living a happier life? Join me at my Forgive & Be Free Retreat next month!

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