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Absolute Abundance - Jennifer Hadley

Absolute Abundance

October 1, 2018
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Absolute Abundance

We open to receive our inheritance: absolute Abundance!

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For so long, I was living in lack, and I worried about money a lot. It was a constant theme in my life. As a spiritual counselor, I frequently counseled people who were worried about money, and there were times that I felt like a fraud because I, too, was worried about money. Worry, worry, worry.

It took me until I was really willing to put my attention on seeking the Kingdom first before things changed for me. Once I put my attention on returning to an awareness of the truth, and putting every other thing after that in my priorities, then things began to change for me.

I know, absolutely, that my financial flow changed because of the forgiveness I did. I had to forgive others that I blamed for my financial issues. I had to let go of the meaning I made of things. And, I had to forgive myself for my choices, most especially the choice to blame others.

I also had to shift my focus from thoughts of lack and limitation to thoughts of being grateful for the Unity of all life.

I had to consciously choose to become receptive, and allow myself to receive.

I had to confront my belief that money was the root of all evil, and realize that money has no power– it’s inert. It’s how we hold things in our mind that shapes our lives.

I became aware that, in past lives, I’d taken vows of poverty that were still operating in my awareness. I gave them up to Spirit for healing, and they were healed.

The forgiveness changed things for me permanently.

Then, I had to become really truly fiscally responsible. Of course, it was all preparation for the work I do now, running a non-profit organization and managing all the finances of everything.

One shift in my awareness led to another and another.

I feel so strongly that it started with forgiveness, and then the next step was being receptive, and the next step was shifting from affirming limitations constantly to affirming abundance constantly.

Everything is related. No matter how much we compartmentalize things, there’s no separation on any level – everything is connected ALL of the time.

That can seem like a burden, but it’s actually a wonderful thing!

Because everything is connected– every thought, every being, every choice– we are living in the “butterfly effect”. We can change one thought and change our whole lives.

Can you feel the truth in that?
The ego thought system denies it, but it’s still true.

We cannot hold a resentment against one person and not have it affect our whole life.
Every choice we make for Love affects our whole life.

Every moment we choose how we will serve– with Love or without.

Because of forgiveness, I am free.
I AM so grateful that every moment counts!

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