October 29, 2018

I love it when people are authentic!

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When I was struggling and was really judgmental I had a lot of Self-Love issues, a lot of self-judgments and I mostly felt that I wasn’t good enough. One of the biggest issues for me was that I felt I had to keep parts of myself hidden because they were so unlovable. I was ashamed of my unhealed self.

I felt a lot like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.

I truly believed there was something wrong with me, and so, of course, I wanted to keep that hidden. I felt that I was too much, too opinionated and outspoken and not outspoken enough, too mean and too nice, too angry and too passive, too giving and too generous.

It was a crazy-thought overload.

I often felt that my personality, my being, my body, my “everything” was not lovable.

I felt I was valuable for what I could accomplish and do for others.

Therefore, being authentic was terrifying. I was working really hard to keep my “true” self hidden, because I judged my true self as being ugly, bad and wrong.

At the same time, I thought I was better than everyone else. More ego insanity!!!!

Now, that I’ve been actively, intently practicing non-judgment, every day for more than a decade, I have to laugh! There’s hardly a day that goes by that someone doesn’t tell me how much they appreciate my authenticity. Literally, almost every day, people tell me they love my authentic sharing – that I don’t pretend to be different than I am. I just put it out there.

So, I’ve learned the power of both non-judgment and authenticity.

I LOVE people who are transparent and authentic. It takes courage and Self-Love.

It’s important to understand that being authentic and transparent doesn’t mean sharing all your opinions and judgments directed at others. Attacking others is not authentic at all – it’s pure ego, which isn’t authentic. It’s completely false.

Authenticity requires humility, compassion, kindness, and humor. And, in my Masterful Living Course, we’re really learning to see, know, and share our authentic Self. It’s really quite remarkable how much we come to Love and appreciate each other JUST AS WE ARE.

I’m grateful I didn’t give up all those years ago, but instead made my commitment to non-judgment and true humility. I’m still becoming more my true Self, every day, and it’s an amazing, miraculous journey of LOVE. I’m so glad we’re taking the journey together!

Thank you for traveling alongside me!!

BTW – Masterful Living 2019 registration is coming soon!

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