Forgiveness and Healing

October 4, 2018
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Forgiveness and Healing

We’re gathering together to have more courage to forgive!

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It takes tremendous courage to let go of the judgments and opinions that we’ve built our identity on. Often, there is great resistance. There was a time when Spirit asked me to contemplate this: Who am I without my grievances? Am I still me if I let the judgments go?

Today I fly to North Carolina to lead my Forgive & Be Free retreat. These are always deeply healing experiences for all of us. In fact, I’m often surprised at extraordinary life changes forgiveness brings. Forgiveness and Freedom: you can’t have one without the other.

Without forgiveness our Freedom is hidden from us. It’s there, but we won’t be able to recognize it and fully KNOW it.

Yesterday, in my Sacred Circle, I was sharing about how completely unthinkable it was for me to even imagine the life that I live now. Things that would set me off on a tear of anger and hurt, tirades of shame and blame, are now not even an issue for me. They still make me pause. But, really truly, I pause to pray, and bless, and give thanks for the healing that’s happening.

I now am absolutely clear that anything that is an upset is an opportunity for healing, and I wish to maximize each healing opportunity to the very best of my ability in that moment. I have good days and better days now, but no bad days, and for that I am truly thankful.

This feeling I have now was not even DREAMT of. Where once I would let things fester and stew, and I’d feed the flames of my anger, now it’s over in minutes. And, instead of it being a 10-alarm fire, it’s a .5-alarm fire. I don’t wish for death anymore.

Yesterday, I went to see the movie My Neighbor Totoro with my brother and nephew, Mikey. This was only my second time seeing it. The first time was about 22 years ago. It’s still a gorgeous movie, and I highly recommend it. Such a great movie to see with little ones, and right now it’s celebrating it’s 30th anniversary.

During the movie, I contemplated how much I Love this life and this planet. We’re so blessed, and it’s good to be able to really feel it. Forgiveness was the way to where I am now, and I am forever grateful I had the courage to turn down this road and stay on it!

That’s why I’m offering us all an EFFECTIVE way to PERMANENTLY shift things in your life and your family so that you can end this year, and go through the holidays, with a much happier experience.

I’m offering this gift to everyone and anyone who is willing to join me.

I’m offering a 3 part Live Video Workshop starting on Saturday, October 13th.
Please block off the time on your calendar.

With true forgiveness, we can all have a different experience in our family and our workplace ~ as well as profound and lasting healing of our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Forgiveness is the path to having more Joy, Freedom and Prosperity

You can have permanent healing NOW! End this year with tremendous healing. Let’s go for it together!

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