Good Decision

October 7, 2018
Good Decision

When we decide WITH Spirit we are Joy-FULL!

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Relationships can be very challenging. Sometimes I struggle with knowing what’s the best thing to do. I’ve learned that, in these cases, it’s best for me not to do anything until I feel Spirit’s clear direction. It’s best to wait until that time. It’s worth waiting for. This, I know for certain.

When people speak unkindly, get angry easily, are belligerent, when they accuse, and blame, it can definitely feel as though there’s an attack.

So, then what happens?

ACIM says, that when we perceive we’ve been attacked, it’s really just an excuse to unleash our own attack. It says that we’re essentially lying in wait to jump on others and attack them, and we use any excuse we can find to justify our attack.

That makes a great deal of sense to me. I can really feel that pattern resonates with me, and I see it so clearly in my behavior for most of my life. But, I don’t want that anymore. I’m done with that way of being and behaving. Enough.

I have found this teaching extremely helpful.
I don’t wish to be delusional about my true motivations and lie to myself.

So, I’m left to contemplate–
When someone attacks me, as occasionally happens, how can I extend compassion? How can I take responsibility, with NO BLAME?

Often, I don’t seem to know. But, I’d like to, and so I Partner Up.

What’s REALLY important to me is to no longer try to make other people feel guilty by blaming them for how I feel.

Right now in the world, there’s a lot of intensity. The intensity of density. Some people are very upset, and I understand that. Blaming other people for how we feel is trying to make them feel guilty. It’s trying to shame them, and it’s pure projection. It’s like digging a hole, and deciding to jump in it.

I don’t wish to make people feel ashamed, anymore. I wish to lift us all up, so we can all see, and feel, and know, and sense more clearly, and it challenges me every single day.

My personality is challenged, because I’d like to resolve everything immediately.

Yet, there can be SO MUCH more learning if I’m patient, and let the Higher Holy Spirit Self teach me in the way that makes sense to me. And, that’s my preference.

I share so often about relationship because, as A Course in Miracles tells us, it’s our #1 tool for relief of suffering and remembering who we REALLY are. In order to see the truth of our wholeness and perfection, we learn to be loving, kind, generous, and patient in our relationships. That’s an incredible incentive.

If we don’t believe that awakening, Freedom and healing are possible, if we feel unworthy, bad, wrong, demented, and unlovable, will we even bother?

I believed it was impossible for me, for a VERY long time. The belief that it was impossible for me was so strong that I was constantly sabotaging myself. Finally, I decided to commit, and just go for it anyway because, even if I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that awakening wasn’t possible for me, I’d rather live my life being as loving, kind, patient, and generous as I can, because I feel better that way.

That was the best decision I ever made.

From there, I decided I was going to learn to TRUST Love and trust Spirit. I made that my focus. And that’s how I figured out that trust is the key to everything. And, then I found ACIM, which told me trust is the #1 characteristic of a teacher of God, and I put my heart into it even more fully.

Working the Lessons works.
It’s not just reading them.
Reading and studying can be a time waster.
Life is our teacher, ACIM is a guide.

Relationships are our salvation, and forgiveness is the tool that allows us to experience our release from suffering. ACIM, Lesson #68:

“It is as sure that those who hold grievances will redefine God in their own image, as it is certain that God created them like Himself, and defined them as part of Him. It is as sure that those who hold grievances will suffer guilt, as it is certain that those who forgive will find peace. It is as sure that those who hold grievances will forget who they are, as it is certain that those who forgive will remember.

Would you not be willing to relinquish your grievances if you believed all this were so? Perhaps you do not think you can let your grievances go. That, however, is simply a matter of motivation. Today we will try to find out how you would feel without them. If you succeed, even by ever so little, there will never be a problem in motivation ever again.

It doesn’t get more clear than that.
What’s also clear is that we get to choose.

We can place our trust and faith in our perceptions, or in Spirit.
We’ll learn, no matter what we choose.
We can learn through pain or Joy.

In my classes, I challenge people to prove God, so they’ll know– REALLY know– the power of Love in their lives. And, it IS a challenge.

Resentment, regrets, blame, and guilt keep us from experiencing the healing power of Love in our life, our body, relationships, creativity, and so much more. And still, giving them up can be super challenging.

The world seems to be in upheaval now. It’s time for us to BE the Peace we’re intending to be. The holidays are coming, and we have an opportunity to be the loving member that we would like to be.

And that’s why I’m offering a forgiveness workshop next weekend.
It’s Live on video, it’s online, and it’s my gift to everyone.

Come join me, and let’s do this work together, now.
It’s perfect timing.

It’s a 3-hour online video workshop.
Plan to show up.
Please block off the time in your calendar.

Plus – there’s follow up. We’ll have a shorter class the next day, and another one a few days later.

There’s no charge to you.
I’m offering it on a Love-offering basis.
Click here to learn more

Let’s make some truly helpful decisions together, and bring benefit to all. That’s what we’re here for – to represent the One Who sent us.

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