October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

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Did you know that Halloween is thought to be a Celtic celebration of the eve of All Saints Day, which is November 1st? All Souls Day is November 2nd. People would bake “soul cakes” and share them as a blessing, and this evolved into our practice of trick or treating.

People dressed in costumes to avoid being recognized by souls who had died but were still wandering the earth. By wearing a costume, people wouldn’t be recognizable as human, and would be unbothered by the wandering “ghosts.” Like many holidays and holy days, the traditions shift, change and, especially in America, they become commercialized to the nth degree.

I’ve always loved Halloween – particularly the opportunity to get creative and make a costume. This year, I’m going as a Violet Flame Queen.

I love to play games and have fun with my nephews and niece, my goddaughter and her sister, with friends and family. I enjoy arts and craft,s and I like playing games, too.

One of the things I appreciate about having children in my life is, we can be sure to make time to get creative and playful. Kids love to do things like dancing spontaneously and jumping on the bed. You don’t have to be particularly talented to have a great time getting crafty with kids. That’s the beauty of it! That’s what playing is all about. It’s not about getting it perfect.

This past weekend, I was carving pumpkins with my nephew, Mikey and my sister-in-law, Debbie and we had a great time. I’ve been carving pumpkins with my niece and nephews for many years, and it’s always about having fun.

We aren’t going for the most creative or artistic pumpkin. We’re all about enjoying the journey. Honestly, I don’t think we would enjoy the end result any more if we had created some kind of fantastic masterpiece. After all, it’s just going to get moldy and eaten by the squirrels after a week of sitting out on the porch.

It’s like making a sand mandala, a sand castle, or baking a beautiful pie. The Joy is in the expression of Creativity BECAUSE it is a spiritual quality, and when we are creative, then we’re expressing our divinity. It’s not about preserving the end result. It’s about tapping into our GodSelf, which is our Creative Self.

We can be creative in SO MANY areas of life, if we choose to be. It’s about letting Spirit flow through us, and not getting hung up on comparisons. Compare and despair. Comparisons aren’t needed.

What can you do to make Halloween even a little bit more creative this year?

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