October 22, 2018

No more pain train, I’m on the peace train!

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It might seem counter intuitive or it might seem just plain insane, but pain is helpful. I used to be a runner. I ran the New York Marathon in 1986 with my Dad. In preparing to run the marathon I did many long training runs – 10, 12, 15, 18 and even 20 mile runs to get ready for the big 26.

I learned that if I had some aches and pains before a run I wouldn’t take any kind of pain killer, because that’s how people injure themselves. If they’re numb to the pain then they don’t know when to stop, when to shift and change. It’s true for athletes and it’s true for everyone.

If we numb ourselves to the pain, the agitation and irritation, and all the other myriad of feelings and emotions then we’ll not be aware when to make a change.

I’ve learned this:
If I can feel it, Spirit can heal it – when I’m willing to let it go.

Pain often comes from blocking the flow of Love. Even if we’re intentionally blocking the flow of Love, don’t we wish to have a wake-up call in order to know when we’re hurting ourselves?

I used to deceive myself into thinking I could block the pain and still have the Joy, but I ultimately had to face the fact that it’s not possible. If I’m not willing to feel the emotions I don’t like, and the feelings that bother or confuse me, so I block them all, that’s not going to be the end of it.

I cannot selectively block the suffering, but allow the happy to spread like wildfire. If I shut part of my feelings down, I’m shutting them all down.

I’ve learned to be grateful that I get the emotions and feelings that signal when my thinking is sticking. I’m grateful that my feelings let me know when I’ve ridden the pain train to crazy town and it’s time for me to partner UP with the Higher Holy Spirit Self.

When we realize how much healing is available to us we can learn to become grateful for the indicators that we’ve lost track of what’s REALLY going on and it’s time to partner UP.

I’ve learned not to be distracted or deterred by trying to figure out or understand the ego perceptions, the causes of upset and other ego escapades.

Bottom line: the ego will never understand what the spirit already knows.

Why mess around with trying to figure out WHY we’re having a problem when we can go direct to the problem that has been healed back to the root cause?

I’ve made so many trips to crazy town on the pain train and I don’t wish to make even one more. The things I learned that healed my life and led me to the happiness I have now are the gold and diamonds of my life. And that’s what I share in my classes.

These are the healing practices that became my Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual bootcamp and my life began change for the better – and it’s continued to this day. This is what I’d like to share with anyone who is willing to do the work with me. Let’s do it now!

Being able to forgive myself has been one of the best gifts to help me move on and that’s why I am glad to offer this free Forgive & Be Free workshop to you! It’s my gift!

JOIN US THIS WEEK! Now is the time for us to be activated into walking the talk and living the Love for real. Forgiveness, and particularly Self-forgiveness is the absolute key to clearing all those veils. And that’s why I’m offering free Forgiveness Workshops online right now, so we can do this work together. Click here to register for the my Forgive & Be Free Online Video Workshop today!

Won’t you please share with others? We can all use some support in our forgiveness!

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    Saying I’m Sorry
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