October 27, 2018

We are safe in the Spirit!

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Life presents such wonderful learning opportunities. Sometimes we reject them, and sometimes we accept them. I’d like to accept them all with ease, grace, and willingness.

I had an interesting experience a couple of years ago. I was going to be driving from Maine to New Jersey, and I had a strong feeling that it wasn’t safe. I knew that I didn’t have to worry or wonder — I could take spiritual action. After all, I’d just taught 11 classes in the Living A Course in Miracles series all about taking spiritual action.

Prayer is a powerful spiritual action to take! So, of course, I called upon my Prayer Partners via Facebook to pray for me to have ease, grace and safety all the way. (Thank you for answering the call!)

In my own prayer practice, before getting in the car, I envisioned my journey as being safe, easy and graceful the entire way. In my mind’s eye, I saw a tunnel of royal blue light (the energy of Divine Will) tunnel filled with violet light (the energy of Freedom) and I saw myself driving through that tunnel safely to my destination.

I also got the insight to call upon Ganesha, the Hindu God, who is the remover of obstacles. I’ve had AMAZING and MIRACULOUS experiences calling upon beloved Ganesha to assist me in removing obstacles. Obstacles are not as big as they appear in the mirror of life.

At first I saw Ganesha going before my car and clearing the path, but then I realized he would rather lift and fly my car safely all the way. That was a very valuable realization! Yes!

I had an easy and beautiful drive, except for one point when, for a few minutes, there was a very strange, strong and almost tornado-like storm that had dark clouds with reaching tendrils, lots of leaves whipping furiously in circles, and drenching rain – but it didn’t last long, and everyone around me was safe.

When there’s a worry, we don’t do nothing. We take spiritual action, and remember that all healing is at the level of the mind, including the removal of ALL obstacles.

Our mind IS the Mind of God, so why entertain something we don’t wish to happen? We pray to know the truth, and to have a path of ease and grace.

Now is the time for us to pray, and pray, and pray, and keep our mind staid on Love & Light, so that we can all safely fly over the battleground of life in the density of form to an awareness of our Divinity, and the Divinity of ALL life! Amen!

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