Speak Plainly

October 6, 2018
Speak Plainly

Animals are so good at picking up our heart communication.

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Many times I am doing my best to be delicate, to not be too pushy or strong, and it comes out as though I’m being deliberately obtuse. I’m often too subtle, thinking that people can fill in all the missing parts and feel what I really mean. But they don’t, and they can’t, and it gets me into trouble.

For a long time now, I’ve been learning to speak plainly. Sometimes I feel my nature is to be too direct, and that it comes out as something sharp. I’m learning about balance.

We can be super successful at communicating if we can share how we feel without complaining, and without attacking, without judging. It takes a great willingness to have a healing, rather than to just blame.

As Thich That Hath says, “Blaming never helps.”

We blame when we’d like people to feel guilty.
What we’re really doing is taking our own self-blame and guilt and projecting it out onto others. It creates more drama and trauma, which is actually for the purpose of bringing our attention to it.

I used to perpetuate a lot of drama.
I realized that I did that because I felt so helpless.

I’m not helpless anymore, so I don’t need to be silent, and I don’t need to make a lot of drama. I can be clear and speak plainly without judgment, and help bring things to the Light of Love for healing.

It does take willingness.
I have that willingness now.

I encourage you to make a commitment to speak plainly, without judgment or blame, and with a strong intention to bring things to the light of Love for healing.

In this way, we can let the past go and experience a great healing. It’s beautiful. Let us be grateful!

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With true forgiveness, we can all have a different experience in our family and our workplace ~ as well as profound and lasting healing of our physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

To have real and lasting healing, it’s more than just saying “I forgive.” Let’s gain momentum and have some real healing together this year, and share the benefits with everyone in our lives.

Forgiveness is the path to having more Joy, Freedom and Prosperity

You can have permanent healing NOW!
End this year with tremendous healing.
Let’s go for it together!

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