October 18, 2018

We ask for support and it is given!

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Love is intelligent. It is a Divine Intelligence that is so perfectly brilliant, it is inconceivable how beautiful and miraculous it always is. And this is what we are.

Spirit’s unfailing Wisdom is always available to us. We can tap into it. We must ask for it.

Why must we ask to receive what we already are?

Because we’ve rejected it so many times.

We’re not asking Spirit to give us back what was taken. We’re asking for the veils we’ve placed in our own awareness that prevent us from seeing, knowing, feeling and believing the truth, to be removed. Ask and it is given.

Ask for assistance and it is given.

There is no lack of support.
No lack of supply.
There’s a lack of demand.

When we feel unworthy, we don’t ask.
The way to break that spell is to ask for what is ours – access to our own Higher Wisdom.

I’ve learned that asking for support in general– to see and recognize the highest and best, most loving choices, is the most effective path.

Let us demand of Spirit, let us ask for that return to our natural state– that pristine awareness of our own holiness, the holiness is there, unbroken. Let us recognize it today.

Forgiveness, and particularly Self-forgiveness, is the absolute key to clearing all those veils, and that’s why I’m offering free Forgiveness Workshops online right now, so we can do this work together. If you missed the workshop last weekend – please register now, and I’ll let you know about the next one: click here to register for the next Forgive & Be Free Online Video Workshop.

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