Unshakeable & Unbotherable

October 25, 2018
Unshakeable & Unbotherable

Today’s the day! Let’s go for it!

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I was so fearful – but not anymore! I used to get so flustered and so angry. It helped me discover that underneath anger is always fear.

I could easily be sarcastic and downright mean. My insecurities would show up as aggression and passive aggressiveness. I was a hot mess! The Peace I experience now is not 100%, but it’s MOST of the time, and that’s worth everything to me!

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned as a spiritual student is to hold the high watch for that which I desire, and not to give in to negativity. I’m not yet perfect at it, but I AM getting closer. I’m fired UP! I’m ready to GO for GOD!

It seems as though these are the times when things are being shaken up. When that happens, we must have an unshakeable Faith in God’s Goodness.

But I’m not shakeable now,
because I know the truth.
And the truth is:

Light will always prevail. ALWAYS.
“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
And fear is no-thing.
Fear is ONLY our Faith misplaced.

There is nothing to fear.
If you fear anything, then you’re giving it the energy to call it into being.
Don’t feed the darkness of your fear.
Don’t feed that wolf.

Let this be the time in our life that we decide to become SO FOCUSED on the Light that we cannot see anything else! Why delay that decision? Let the moment be now.

The darkness isn’t real.
Only Love is real.
Only Light is real.
Why focus on the shadow when it has no power, and it is not even real?

Let’s not give the darkness room in our mind or our heart.

Let’s not allow hate or despair.
Let’s learn to be “unbotherable”.
Not unfeeling, but holding a higher view above the battlefield.

If we need to take a moment to cry, to let our feelings be felt – that’s good. That’s helpful.

Our feelings point us in the direction of our beliefs.

Let’s remember, ALL feelings of upset are born of believing something that’s not actually true. Why entertain thoughts that aren’t true? Rather than invest in them, we let them die.

There might be two major political parties in the United States, but there aren’t two powers. There’s only ONE power and that power is Love. That’s why the name of this ministry is Power of Love Ministry.

One thing we know about the a bully is they like to stir things from the bottom. A bully likes to stir up the fear and hatred that people have. They like to feed the angry wolf. It makes them feel powerful.

And I know a lot about feeding the angry wolf, because I could be a bully. I used to feel like an angry, pushy, hurt, frightened person who was very defensive, and offensive, and attacking.

And what I learned was, it’s exhausting.
It’s also not fruitful.
And, it doesn’t foster growth.

And so, I know, absolutely, the bully can’t last. Bullies are always self-defeating in the end.
It has to shift and change, because it will just exhaust itself.

I serve the Light.
And I intend to keep serving the Light.
My life will only improve because I have more Clarity and more compassion every day.
I invite you, however you feel, about this coming U.S. election, to give yourself the time you need to feel your feelings, and sort them out, and then dedicate yourself to remembering the truth that is your Freedom and the Freedom of all people.

Today is the final day to register for my Finding Freedom From Fear Spiritual Bootcamp class.

When we don’t have Peace, it’s because of our beliefs, attachments and thinking. We can change that. I know. I’ve changed SO MUCH of my beliefs and thinking. I’m not the person I once was.

I’ve changed SO MUCH that I really do feel at Peace, and I’m excited about what’s to come. I can feel the healing that is being brought forth. I feel it, and I am ready to bring it forth!

Let’s do it together and let truth be revealed!

Love can never fail – Love will prevail!

Now is the time for us to get with the spiritual program of Love and Light that is calling us to a life of Peace and Joy! I’m so glad we’re doing it together! If you’d like help with being “unbotherable” and unshakeable – check out my Finding Freedom From Fear bootcamp. The only thing that can shake us is fear – and fear is often a habit that can be replaced with Freedom. Doing it together is SO much easier than doing it on our own. Also, it’s more fun!

Clear steps in how to release attachments are some of the healing practices that are part of my Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual bootcamp. Doing these practices, my life began change for the better – and it’s continued to this day. This is what I’d like to share with anyone who is willing to do the work with me. Let’s do it now!

TODAY: Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual bootcamp with ACIM Principles STARTS TODAY! My Finding Freedom From Fear class is a powerful and productive way to breakthrough limitations, and heal your relationships. If you’d like a tried and true step-by-step method to deepen your spiritual practice, get on track and finish this year feeling great – check out my Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp class! Click here now to learn more.

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