You Always Get What You Want

October 30, 2018
You Always Get What You Want

Honesty is consistency and that’s healing so is a good cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream on a cold day!

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Yes, that’s the truth– if you’re willing to see with God’s eyes. Ego tells us, “You can’t handle the truth!” But that is not true.

There is a perfection embedded in the very essence of Life, and it’s known to us as Grace.

Grace is the most amazing thing, more spectacular than any great magician or stunt daredevil. Grace refreshes and renews.

If we’re willing, we can begin to remember to laugh at what has been so challenging and difficult. With that laughter, we can expand our willingness to live fully enveloped in God’s unerring and unending Grace.

Why wouldn’t we?
We don’t have to earn it.
It’s ours already!

So amazing, right?

When we’re willing to recognize, to “re-cognize” that we always get what we want, we can start to experience something beyond the endless wanting, craving and needing.

Let’s go for it!
Let’s ALLOW the Grace of God to permeate our awareness and demonstrate in our life!

If you feel bereft of goodness and Grace, ask for it.
Ask to be shown, to be told, to have it revealed.

Have the courage to own that maybe you really did, for some crazy hidden reason, want what you have that you don’t actually like. It’s a crazy world, and crazy stuff happens until we’re done with it.

We are laying the burden down!

We are willing to offer up all resistance and all blocks.
There is a Light within us that can never go out, and that Light knows the way!

Our willingness is all that’s required.

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Let’s commit to doing the deeper work together and raising our vibration to the heights!

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