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November 19, 2018

There’s a choice for Peace and we’re making it!

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I would never have believed that I wouldn’t be angry a lot of the time. I really just thought that I was an angry person. Some people are happy, some people are sad, and I was angry.

I felt like I was hostile by nature, but ‘taint so!

Until I proved it to myself, it was impossible to imagine that we have the ability to heal all of our own anger and hurt. Many people I’ve met don’t actually wish to heal the pain. It’s not the majority of folks I meet, but still, there’s quite a few.

In fact, if we’re still dragging around the same old painful baggage, we can ask ourselves, why we wouldn’t wish to heal all our pain? There may be a legitimate reason (in the logic of the ego).

There have been many times in my life – too many to count – when I made a choice to feel pain, to be in pain, to be miserable and unhappy for misguided reasons. The ego talks us into righteous suffering. Suffering for a cause. As though suffering ever improved anything!

Ego talks us into being a martyr, as though there’s some benefit to being unhappy and losing out. Insanity!

Ego talks us into thinking we can punish others by being miserable. It’s as though we can make others suffer by drinking poison. It just doesn’t work. More insanity!

Ego also talks us into believing that we can’t do any better, and that being angry and resentful is our only choice. And yet, deep down, most of us know it’s not true. It’s he craziest thing in this world!

It’s almost as if we DESERVE to be unhappy.

By being willing to be loving and compassionate, to drop all judgments, to have holy relationships, we can actually heal all the pain there is in the world. That might seem impossible, but it’s actually the only way it will happen.

We have the power. And, it’s up to us to choose it.

I’ve learned that it’s SO much easier when we do it together than when we do it on our own. There really is strength in numbers. It’s spiritual strength that comes from being the two or more gathered in the name of Love.

Each one who makes the choice for love makes it easier for the next one. Are you willing to make it easier for the next one?

I particularly see this in our Masterful Living community. People who are healing their life, their heart and their mind, turn right around help the person who comes in after them. It’s so beautiful to see. It’s a real community of like-minded souls who are rising up together.

I share what I learned that shifted me out of the anger and hurt in my Masterful Living Course 2019. Registration is open NOW with an early-bird price to inspire you to commit now and not get distracted. At no charge, you can also book an Exploratory Call  to speak with one of the Spiritual Counselors who has already done the program, and they can help you be clear if this is right for you, right now.

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