In Case of Emergency

November 27, 2018

Spirit is always with us and never fails us!

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Having a strong spiritual practice to lean into when there’s an emergency makes a difference beyond anything we can comprehend. When the tough stuff of life happens, being able to NOT take it personally, and NOT get triggered into victim consciousness, is a great relief.

It can seem hard to imagine, but we really can go from feeling like life is happening to us and we’re being punished, to seeing that everything is happening for us. Everything is working for our benefit, and we can train our mind to see that – to see what’s actually true, instead of the repeating patterns of negativity and separation.

It’s difficult to believe, but as A Course in Miracles says, we don’t actually see what’s there, what’s true, what’s real. Instead we see what we want to see. We can have strong resistance tot he idea that everything is just as we wish it to be.

Why would we wish for a loved one to die? A flood? Hurricane? Earthquake? Bankruptcy? Cancer?

And yet, all of these traumatic events can bring so much relief, healing and benefit if we are willing to see that all things work together for our good and there are no exceptions at all.

Opening our mind to the true and lasting healing is such a beautiful shift in consciousness. We can learn to see with new eyes and true eyes.

If you’re going through an emergency, you may find what I share on my radio show today helpful! I hope so!

My intention is to make clear, that we can use the challenges to help us rise in the Light!

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