My Birthday Prayer 2018

November 28, 2018

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Today is my birthday, and it’s been my tradition to invite you to pray with me. As you may know, I publish a recorded prayer every day, which I’ve been doing since 2007. I started with the daily prayers because one of my dear counseling clients had said to me, “I was so upset in the middle of the night last night, and I wanted so bad to call you, but I just couldn’t wake you up.”

I began to invite Spirit to show me how I could be more helpful, and I got inspired to use a voicemail service to record the Prayer for Today, and I’ve been loving doing it as part of my daily spiritual practice for 11 years now. What a blessing to have Prayer Partners all over the world.

My personal prayer is to awaken from the dream of separation NOW and BE truly helpful. The purpose statement at the Power of Love Ministry is:

Prayer is SO powerful. I’ve experienced so many miracles through prayer, and one of the most amazing miracles is the answered prayer that this Power of Love Ministry is. Thanks to the help and good work of many people, we are supporting the raising of the vibration of this planet.

This year we’ve taken steps further along the path of offering more classes with more teachers and training Teachers, Ministers, Prayer Practitioners and Spiritual Counselors and they are blooming and blossoming into POWERFUL light Workers with SO MUCH to offer and share.

This has always been a teaching ministry – to teach only Love and how to really live that. We are sharing what we’re learning, and it’s spreading.

What I’ve come to see is that there are so many beautiful Light Workers who have felt hesitant because they don’t feel fully qualified, and they don’t feel fully capable and empowered to do the work they feel called to do.

I get it. For so many years I had a dream of being truly helpful, but I didn’t feel qualified or capable to really GO FOR IT. I didn’t feel worthy.

Worthiness is the classic issue that people struggle with.
Self-judgment gets in the way.

People think “Who am I to help anyone else when I still have problems I can’t figure out?”

Our spiritual practice and the work that we’re doing in Masterful Living (which is the foundation for all the training) dissolves and resolves that sense of unworthiness, so that people feel capable and qualified to share what they’re learning.

My prayer is that the expansion we’re planning for 2019 will be everything that Spirit intends for it to be, and that many, many more thousands of people will be inspired to truly live and practice the teachings of truth in A Course in Miracles.

My prayer is that my own awakening, and our collective awakening, is brought forth with more ease and grace. That we give up the resistance to Love and to being loving and choose to demonstrate our true nature, which is perfect Love.

I am so excited for the free programs we’re offering now!

This year we offered a 5-Day Challenge to End Self-Sabotage and Self-medication, and it was a HUGE success. We got so much positive feedback and stories of people’s breakthroughs. We plan to offer another one in early January!

We also offered many three-part forgiveness workshops – live, online on video on Zoom so that people could see and work together, and that was a huge success as well.

We plan to offer another Forgive & Be Free workshop series in December!

My feeling is that, while many people love the Living A Course in Miracles classes that we’ve done – and we’ve done over 150 classes that you can still listen to and enjoy – people receive more benefit when they do the work in a group. And so, that’s where we’re placing our attention.

My hope is that we’ll train more than 200 Facilitators next year to support the Miracle Circles. It’s ambitious, but that’s how Spirit is, because in God there are no limitations, no unworthiness to undo.

More than 20 years ago, Michael Beckwith shared about an article he’d read that interviewed a group of individuals who had accomplished extraordinary and unbelievable things. One thing they all had in common was they all said this:

Had they known that it was EVEN POSSIBLE to accomplish what they set out to achieve, they would have set their sights higher.

And that’s why I hold world Peace, global awakening, an end to all suffering in our lifetime.

It’s possible and WE, yes, WE are the ones who can bring it into being.

Together, we awaken one choice at a time.
Real people.
Real miracles.
Proving that God works in our lives and we are not alone.

According to A Course in Miracles, prayer is the medium of miracles. And it’s all about Self-forgiveness. When we forgive ourselves we can let the past go and put all of our energy into expressing our true nature which is perfect Love.

We can each be a powerful beacon of Love and Light – this is what our calling is.
Everything is pre-installed.
We already have the kingdom within.

I love this passage from ACIM and I hold it high before us as we move into this next phase of our adventure:

It is impossible to remember God in secret and alone.
For remembering Him means you are not alone,
and are willing to remember it.
Take no thought for yourself,
for no thought you hold is for yourself.
If you would remember your Father,
let the Holy Spirit order your thoughts
and give only the answer with which He answers you.
Everyone seeks for love as you do, but
knows it not unless he joins with you in seeking it.
If you undertake the search together, you bring
with you a light so powerful that what you see is given meaning. T-14.X.10.

Won’t you please consider being a part of this movement of the heart to shine the Light of Love for those who really wish to join this wave of global awakening?

Today, for my birthday, I ask that you consider sharing your support and making a contribution to bring forth the Miracle Circles and so much more!

We’re looking for sponsors who are willing to contribute to a matching campaign – last year we were able to have $25,000 in matching funds and people rose up to match it for a total of $50,000 raised and we’ve used that for the free programs we’ve offered this year, and to offer scholarships to those who wish to be a part of our programs and need financial support to do so.

If you’d like to be part of this Shine the Light Matching Campaign please write to me at or reply to this e-mail.

If you’d like to make a 1 time donation or a monthly supporting contribution click this link now:

Click here now to contribute your support!

You can be a more integral part of this expanding consciousness community! Your support makes it possible for us to offer to a global audience and share these beautiful teachings with people who wouldn’t otherwise find them.

We bless each other and we bless the world!

We are a community of people who are becoming truly miracle-minded and that IS miraculous!

Thank you for sharing and caring!

IMPORTANT: Note the time change – today – 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific, 7pm UK

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