Releasing Old Victim Patterns

November 24, 2018

We’re letting the old pain patterns go!

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Old hidden patterns come up for healing when we have holiday times and family times. Yesterday, I noticed there was some energy of things coming up for healing, and other friends felt it too. The moon went full yesterday, and that is a time for releasing what doesn’t serve and harvesting the learning!

Do you have a repetitive cycle of being a victim in some way? A lot of people do. Do you ever have fantasies of being a victim? Have you ever let people take advantage of you, just so you could make them feel guilty and bad about it afterwards? These are some crazy patterns we get to deal with in our Earth experience! No wonder it can feel so intense.

All those victim stories and victim mind trips take up a huge amount of energy. It’s a bit like the criminal mastermind who works so hard to find a way to steal, cheat, and lie to get money, when they could apply that same genius capacity to creating something wonderful and achieving abundance that way. These are the crazy negative patterns that suck the life out of our life.

A single belief is the foundation for a myriad of negative thoughts. It’s as though the belief is a host for a bunch of spiders building negative web patterns that are very sticky in our mind. Let’s give the Higher Holy Spirit Self the heavy lifting.

What’s SO valuable is to recognize them and interrupt them. As much as possible
Interrupting these patterns is a BIG part of healing them.

When we interrupt the pattern, rather than investing in it, as usual, we begin to see that we are not the pattern.

The victim pattern isn’t part of us, no pattern is. The pattern has no power or volition until we invest our belief in it.

There aren’t any REAL benefits to being a victim, but it can seem like there are. That might seem crazy, but next time you feel the victim story running in your mind, the next time you start fantasizing about being a victim in some way, shape, or form, ask yourself what the value of that is to you. Ask yourself, what is the perceived benefit? Is the benefit that being a victim seems to offer really the thing that motivates you?

Interrupting these patterns makes such a difference in our lives!

You can do it when you give the heavy lifting to the Higher Holy Spirit Self! You make the decision to interrupt the pattern of victimhood and then, when the opportunities come, be willing to choose what’s unfamiliar. No one else can do it for you, but all of life does it WITH you when you say YES! Why not decide now?

Our decision to be our true Self, rather than acting like a victim, makes a real difference. Hold to the decision, Partner UP, and be willing to practice. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can release the patterns of a life time!

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