Spirit Is Progressive

November 2, 2018
Spirit Is Progressive

We’re on a journey of learning how to learn!

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When I was first studying the Science of Mind teachings of Ernest Holmes, I took great comfort in his teachings about Spirit’s progressive nature.

There are times when I used to feel like I was regressing. I was in the part of my healing experience where I was re-experiencing the old patterns in painful ways. I’d think that “Something is wrong with me,” and that I wasn’t really making progress. I’d get down on myself, and feel like a failure.

Those times of feeling like I was regressing would be so difficult. I’d be so filled with judgment about myself. My energy would just deflate, and I’d want to self-medicate to escape.

Ernest Holmes’ clarity about Spirit’s progressive nature really helped me to comprehend that, even though it felt like I was regressing, that it wasn’t even possible, because God’s very nature is progressive, and since I’m part of God, it’s my nature, too.

Sure, sometimes it feels like we’re taking steps backwards. But, here’s why: we’re reviewing the patterns of the past and the beliefs based on decisions we made in the past. We’re reviewing. Reviewing and re-evaluating something is often felt like experiencing it anew, but we’re actually not.

It can feel like we’re repeating the same exact things again and again, but we’re evaluating all aspects and learning from every morsel,


We can decide to let Spirit be the teacher instead of experience.

I found that when the temptation to judge myself, and then feel like I wasn’t making progress, or that I was backsliding, I had a way out if I wished to take it.

I could tell myself:
God’s nature is progressive, and so is mine.
I am rising in Love!

This spiritual practice helped me to move into gratitude and lift my vibration, so I could see, hear, feel and know, more clearly, that I AM fully progressive by my very nature.

Spirit is not regressive. It just doesn’t make sense.
Only the ego is regressive.
Spirit is inherently expanding into greater expressions, and so are we, whether we know it or not.

There are no steps backwards, anymore.
Only onwards and upwards, rising in Love!

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