Spiritual Liberation

November 11, 2018
Spiritual Liberation

We're choosing spiritual liberation today!

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I remember when I was in high school, I had such a hard time with all the “stuff.” I didn’t like all the special cliques of the jocks, and the cool kids, and the cheerleaders, and the heads, and the greasers. All the separation bothered me. I felt like the system taught us to hate each other, and that wasn’t for me. I was exhausted from feeling angry and bitter most of the time.

One day, my English teacher, Mrs. Gross (her real name) gave us a test about Huckleberry Finn and there was a question at the end about our opinion. Mrs. Gross told me I got it wrong.

I asked, “How can my opinion be wrong?”
She said, “It just is.”

And, that enraged me. Gasoline on the fire already burning in my mind. I had to get out of that school.

Fortunately, my parents really helped me, and they got me into an alternative high school called School One in Providence, RI. It was a really big deal, letting me go to the big city for school five days a week. My parents were teachers, and they didn’t have money for fancy schools, and bus tickets, and things like that. They were already paying high property taxes to send me to a good public school, but they scrimped and sent me, and it made all the difference for me.

Good learning environments mean SO MUCH.
You can have the best program in the world, but some teachers don’t really understand HOW to teach, because they don’t understand HOW learning happens.

At School One, I really began to LEARN.

At the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, I began to learn even more in my studies to be come a Science of Mind Prayer Practitioner and Minister. In that time, I met and studied with Paul Scheele, who taught me how to learn how to learn. Yes, that’s right:

Learning HOW to learn HOW to learn.

I was blessed to study, for several years, with my hero, Rev. James Lawson, the Methodist Minister and Harvard Professor who mentored Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who trained many of the nonviolent demonstrators.

I’ve learned the power of being able to focus my mind on the loving objective and keep it there. I’ve been able to use that ability in prayer, as a Prayer Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor, as well as generally, in life and relationships.

This has been able to shift my perception of life a way that has been profoundly healing for me and for others. The ability to focus on Love, and block out all the ego insanity, has helped me to be able to bring forth the vision for my life and this ministry.

It wasn’t easy to learn this, but I had such a desire to change my life and to live at a higher vibration – and, most important to me, to be of service.

When I was in high school, I remember saying to one of my teachers that I felt greatly conflicted because, at that time, I was interested in becoming a manager of rock and roll bands, and working in the music business. I felt guilty, because I felt I should be more like my parents, who were social and political activists helping to make the world a better place for the disenfranchised. My teacher said that people need the arts, too. Which, they do.

Now I can see that, while each step in my life led me to the perfect next step of my learning how to learn, I was absolutely led back to this place in my heart for being of service. That is where the Joy comes through so strongly.

Part of my Science of Mind Practitioner training from the teachings of Ernest Holmes included being able to focus my mind on the highest and best, and to pray with absolute Clarity. I learned to call it: “Holding the High Watch.” Others call it “holding space.”

I think of it as standing on the mountaintop consciousness of those who went before me, like Dr. King, Rev. Lawson, Ernest Holmes, Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy, the Fillmore’s, and so many more.

If you knew, I mean REALLY KNEW, that holding the high watch, holding that pure pristine view of the situation that’s bothering you, would absolutely turn what looks like — a big fat mess — into a beautiful experience of great benefit, would you cultivate the patience to do it?

Would you learn to work with your mind, like someone getting in shape for a marathon?

Would you be willing to see the good in everything?

That’s what it takes.

Spiritual practice is the means of lasting healing.
Spiritual practice saves time and money.
Spiritual practice is liberating.

I love A Course in Miracles because it is a mind-training program, and because it is a self-study course with the best Teachers ever: Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

I prayed and prayed for more than a decade that my life would be useful, and that my journey would be helpful.

And you know what? I also had a desire to live a JOYOUS life. So many religious teachings have taught us that happiness is sinful and suffering is redemptive, but it’s NOT TRUE. I had a great desire to prove that Joy was possible, even for “a wretch like me.”

Studying ACIM was not what I was into.
I had already proven ,with nine years of study to become a Prayer Practitioner and a Minister, that information collecting and intellect are ego distractions for a true spiritual student.

By the time I came to ACIM as a Practitioner and Minister, I was done with study and collecting information.

I had a burning desire to fully LIVE the teachings beyond anything I could even comprehend.

I came to understand that being a living demonstration was the most helpful thing I could offer to my brothers and sisters, and I yearned for that communion and community.

Little by little, I began to be led and guided to my goal. Through a practical application of ACIM that was being given to me intuitively, I began to unwind the ego attachments that had run my life.

I never thought I would be able to be where I am now, and that’s precisely why it’s so great to be able to support others in going there. That’s what my Masterful Living Course 2019 is all about.

We have a powerful and supportive group of folks from all over the world in our Masterful Living Community. Many have been participating for a six years or more, because the spiritual liberation continues for all of us.

Inspiration for spiritual liberation – that’s what we’re focused on.

Join me in my daily Prayer for Today – today’s prayer is for Spiritual Liberation. You can click and listen now. We use technology to transcend time and space and deepen our spiritual practice.

Masterful Living Course 2019 is open NOW with an early-bird price to inspire you to commit now and not get distracted. And, you can also book a consultation to speak with one of the Spiritual Counselors who has already done the program.

Learning how to learn has been such a blessing to me!  It shifted everything into a much happier place, and I will be forever grateful!  And that’s part of why I love to share!

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