The Key to Having More Time (Part 3 of 3)

November 17, 2018
The Key to Having More Time

We are finding the Beauty within!

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As we all know, there’s the decision that we make and actually keep, and then there are the empty statements and promises that have no meaning except to keep us stuck in the ego.

When we keep our word and honor our decisions, we are tapping into our heart power.

I decided to really dedicate myself to being loving, and that changed my life. The decision was not just a wish or a hope, it was a commitment.

I had lots of lapses and transgressions, but I didn’t give up on my goal, because I had made a decision that I was going to live a life of Love.

As I said in Part 2 of this series, A Course in Miracles tells us that our success – in whatever area – is all about forgiving the meaning we’ve made of things in the past.

Everything that’s painful in our present represents some unloving decision we’ve made in the past. Our challenges “re-present” the false beliefs we’ve chosen in the past.

The decision point has come back again so we can choose again, and this time we can choose to heal our mind about it, and know the truth that is our Freedom.

Again, it’s about the decision. Our decisions are a point of power for us.

Let me tell you about a conversation I had with one of my dear friends.

I asked him, “What’s the one thing you can do now to improve the quality of your entire year?”

My friend knew the answer right away.

It was about tackling an issue he’d been avoiding. If he could do that, it would help him in his business (and his personal finances) in about 10 different ways.

His particular issue is something that we’ve talked about no less than 25 times in the last three years. It’s something that has really bothered him, and until I asked him that question – he didn’t realize how much this issue was disturbing his Peace.

When he saw that, and saw what a difference it would make to his ENTIRE YEAR, that was an mind-opener.

And, because he’s such a good friend and I’m a professional Spiritual Counselor, we talked a bit about what the core issue really is, and then I said, “Why don’t you just get that handled right away, so we don’t ever talk about it again, and you can free up all that energy to live how you’d really like to live?”

He immediately took action, and by the end of the day had hired someone to help him and had a plan to resolve the issue. Just like that.

That, my friend, is the power of decision.

We didn’t spend a lot of time trying to understand the issue, where it came from, and the root cause. He simply decided that it was a non-issue from now on. He was ready to have the healing. He was willing to take inspired action.

Whenever we’d talked about it in the last few years, my friend had said the issue was about time – he didn’t have enough time to focus on it and resolve it. Sometimes it was about money, and not wanting to pay to get it resolved by an expert. So, he was procrastinating.

Isn’t that what we do?

We drag our feet about taking the steps to do the things that will actually improve the quality of our lives, and we have all these excuses.

It’s all old B.S. (belief system).

All the delays and dysfunction of excuses are all related to the same thing. And, it’s not rocket science, but it SEEMS deeply rooted because we are identified with the dysfunction.

It can all change in an instant.

It’s an issue almost all of us are working with, but many of us aren’t working on it directly. And that’s why I offer the classes I do, so we can all become as willing as my friend and have our breakthroughs, and stop delaying our happiness.

This is why I have so much to share.

Because I’ve learned methods that work in supporting people to be willing and to have their breakthroughs, change their minds, have their healing, and put the painful patterns of the past behind them, so they’re not continuing to repeat year after year. With a little bit of support, my friend decided not to repeat the pattern that he’d been stuck in for years.

It’s so beautiful when I see someone make that decision to do something different, rather than continue managing and coping like they’ve been doing for years.

My friend’s decision will change not only his life, but also his family’s lives, in many ways. Because he’s taking better care of himself, his family will see and feel that, and they’ll learn from it, too. He will be more lighthearted all year next year because he’s made this choice out of Love for himself.

Because people keep repeating the past, instead of learning from their experiences, they begin to feel like they’re wasting their lives. And that’s a painful place to be in.

I used to feel like I didn’t have enough time, energy or money to live the life I desired. I felt really stuck in that mindset. AND I felt like it was happening to me.

Like my friend, I reached a point where I saw what I was doing, and I was willing to make a decision to re-prioritize my happiness and put my happiness at the top of the list.

So let me ask you, “What’s the one thing you can do now to improve the quality of your entire year next year?”

If you know what it is, do you have a plan to do it?

If you don’t know what it is, would you LIKE to have a plan to figure it out, and then actually do it, releasing all resistance and reluctance and having your breakthrough?

So many people think they’re not living the life they desire because they don’t have enough time, energy or money. And that thought is really limiting and, quite frankly, for most of us it’s overwhelming. And that’s the point.

The thought of lacking in all three areas: time, energy and money, is so debilitating that most people just don’t know what to do so, they just carry on managing and coping. We feel certain we’ll fail, so we don’t even try. It all just seems TOO BIG for us to handle.

But, it’s not true. Spirit doesn’t know anything about failure.

It’s about tapping into the power of Spirit, and that’s something I know a lot about.

I’d love to help you prove to yourself that you can tap into the power of Love to live a life that’s truly fulfilling.

I like to share step-by-step methods that have been proven to work. I’ve seen them work, even with people who are so reluctant that they’re convinced they’ll fail. Spirit is so powerful!

I know what it takes to help you get your breakthrough, and that’s what I offer in my year-long Masterful Living Course.

People often come into Masterful Living with a desire for more money, better relationships, a better connection to God, overcoming self-doubt, fear & worry.

They often believe they don’t have enough time, energy, or money to commit and do the work successfully but, time and time again, they are surprised to discover that they do have it. They experience miracles they NEVER thought could happen to them because they were willing.

They trusted the proven system and followed the steps of hundreds of people who have gone before them, got the loving support of a like-minded community and guidance from me, and the results were beyond what they thought was possible.

When I signed up for Masterful Living, my intention was to deepen my connection with God. I had no idea the transformation & support I would receive from the community & doing the work. My life is completely different! My relationship with my hubby has deepened, my career changed, & I feel I’m being a more loving presence in the world. What a blessing this year has been. Thank you God & thank you Rev. Jennifer! – Linda from PA

I was nervous, and frightened and really full of self-doubt whether or not I could even make it through a month of Masterful Living. But after doing Finding Freedom, I realized that I did not want to play small anymore. My year has been unfolding and miraculous. I have learned to turn self-medication to Self-Love. Although things are not perfect, I feel that I am supported, and I am so grateful for Jennifer. She helped me through those times of doubt. I thought, I’m not going to do this perfectly, I’m going to do such a bad job that I’m just going to fall out, or I’m not going to have time. There is No part of Masterful Living that says you’re doing a bad job. So, if you’re thinking, should I do it? It’s totally worth it. – Deb from California

Masterful Living truly transforms lives. If you’ve ever found a single class helpful, imagine what you could do in a year, supported by a loving community who won’t let you give up and will help you continue when you hit that point that has been stopping you from healing.

Wouldn’t that be a game-changer?

If it feels as though you can never heal it or get a breakthrough. I’m here to tell you that Spirit can do what we don’t feel we can do. I’ve done it and so have many of the people in Masterful Living.

No matter what your circumstance is, if you’re willing, you can get a breakthrough. Even if you think you don’t have the time, energy or money.

If you’ve been considering what to do as your next step in 2019, I highly encourage you to consider signing up for an Exploratory Call with one of the folks who have taken Masterful Living and who are able to talk with you and answer your questions.

The people who do the Exploratory Calls are in my Spiritual Counseling Certification Program, and so they’re counselors who can answer your questions in a meaningful way, and take time with you to look at whether or not Masterful Living with me in 2019 is right for you now. They are there to support you in making the best choices for yourself. They are there only to be truly helpful, and there’s no cost to you.

If you even have the smallest twinge that Masterful Living could help you, do yourself a favor and book an Exploratory Call. If nothing else, you’ll get Clarity on your next step whether or not the answer is Masterful Living.

I’m here to support your healing and growth, and I’d love 2019 to be the year you finally feel free!

If this topic I’ve been sharing over the last couple of days speaks to you, and you’d like more support, consider watching my class, Unblock the Flow of Your Time, Energy & Money. It’s available for instant download.

It will not only give you tips & tools that you can use immediately, it will give you a taste of what participating in yearlong Masterful Living Course would be like! Click here to get the download.

If you’re finding what I’m sharing helpful, won’t you please share at Facebook and Twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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