Travel In Spirit’s Love

November 21, 2018

Let’s travel in Spirit together!

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Here, in the United States, it’s the biggest travel day of the year in anticipation of the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, which is the biggest family holiday of the entire year. For those outside the U.S., it might be difficult to comprehend how big a holiday our Thanksgiving is.

With all the travels and preparations today and tomorrow, even if you’re not celebrating, it’s a great time to shift the habit of rushing and bring Spirit with us into whatever we’re doing.

I’ve learned that if I pray before everything, and make prayers during even the most simplest tasks, everything goes more smoothly. It’s a great habit to get into.

In Masterful Living, people often tell me that they took the class to be more connected with Spirit, and that adding the habit of prayer to their life really made a difference for them. Now they love to pray, and they have shifted so much by choosing to include the Infinite Love of God in their day.

We can use simple statements that are powerful positive affirmations and that act like prayers:

Wherever I go, whatever I do, I AM a blessing and I AM blessed.
I walk in the Love of God sharing life’s blessings with all.
I AM an eternal being and time is always working for me.
I AM in tune with the Infinite and all is well in my world.
Spirit’s infinite Love comes to me from all directions and I AM a great receiver!

When we walk around the world thinking these thoughts WITH God, then our high vibration is a magnet for ease, grace and goodness. Oh, there’s another one!

I walk in the world as a magnet for God’s ease, grace and goodness!
My life is the life of God, and I live it with ease, grace and generosity of heart.

I really enjoy tuning into these powerful statements of positive affirmation. They really are the truth, and they help us to change our mind and keep ourselves focused on what’s most valuable.

I especially find that these kinds of positive affirmations help when I feel stressed by trying to make a plane, a train, or beat the traffic, etc. in my very frequent travels.

I used to get freaked out by packing and preparing for a trip. I would leave too much to the last minute and get super stressed trying to pack perfectly. I used this affirmation for that:

All is well. All is well. All is well.

It also works when skiing and the terrain becomes black diamond or moguls, and I’m not up for it!

God loves me. All is well. All is well. All is well.
God is loving me through everything and everyone I meet today.
All is well. All is well. All is well!!!

Instead of buying into other people’s stress, be the one who is tuned UP with Spirit and BE the Peace of God. It really works. Spirit will do all the heavy lifting of figuring out how to arrange everything, when we’re willing.

Every day is a great day to practice. And, if we forget, we can start again immediately!

Travel safe in the Love of God today!

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