Freedom from Pain

December 18, 2018

Love is the one thing that allows us to have Freedom from pain.

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There are different types of pain: physical, emotional, and mental, to name the most obvious.

I’ve had had excruciating physical torment, but emotional pain seemed worse to me. And, I’ve had my share of mental pain that came from obsessive compulsive thinking that was torturous.

What sometimes happens when we’re in pain is that, we can become desperate to end it, and start looking for all kinds of solutions in the world. Here’s where A Course in Miracles can really help us, because it reminds us that pain actually comes from having a wrong perspective. Solutions in the world of form aren’t going to change our perspective.

As I’ve said before: If you try to solve a problem without Love, you’ll still have a problem.

Problems them selves are a wrong perspective. Partnering UP with the Higher Holy Spirit Self is the way out of that challenge.

However, sometimes when we’re in pain we just become overwhelmed and implode. It’s challenging to realize that there are options for healing and upliftment when we’re overwhelmed.

Overwhelm comes from believing that we have to handle things on our own. When we forget that there’s an invisible field of pure loving support, then we’re going to become confused by our own viewpoint on things.

When confusion enters my mind, I think of the quote from Proverbs 3 in the Holy Bible:
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

We become attached and enamored of the meaning we’ve made of things, and then we can’t let it go, even though it causes us pain. The way out of this difficulty is to hand it over to Spirit for sorting and healing.

The way out of all difficulty is to trust the Lord with all our heart, and to take a big step back from our own interpretations and simply look for the opportunities to be loving, kind, patient and forgiving.

There’s a freedom in having this simple practice be part of our daily spiritual practice. What once was very difficult will become quite manageable.

Self-forgiveness dissolves self-inflicted pain. It doesn’t matter what kind of pain people are suffering from, I’ve seen it has been dissolved through the practice of forgiveness. How about that for a motivator! There’s so much healing that we’ve witnessed. We can take dominion over the mind, claim our Freedom and move on. That’s what forgiveness allows us to experience.

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