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December 27, 2018
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Joy is our natural state!

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This week,I got to do something I’ve not done before. I did my radio show on Christmas Day, and that was very special for me.  I  love the energy of Christmas – it feels so refreshing. My topic this week is The Holy Instant & Special Relationships, and it is such a big topic that I will probably do another episode on the topic.

These teachings are so healing, when we live them and apply them.  With the help of A Course in Miracles and the Higher Holy Spirit Self, we can realize that the ego thought system teaches us a false idea of what Love is.  The ego thought system is one that teaches us to look to ourselves to get our needs met.  It teaches us to NOT go to Spirit for what we need.
Think about how crazy that is!

We all share the one source – Spirit.  The ego thought system has this crazy, made-up idea that we’re supposed to get everything ourselves, and we must get it from the world, and/or try to manipulate others to give it to us.  Yet, the only way to really get anything worth having is to allow Spirit to move through us and to us.

All good comes from God, and we can learn to open up and receive the CONSTANT flow of goodness instead of blocking it by thinking we have to “make it happen.” Why is it all on us now? Because of the guilt we feel that comes from the belief that we’ve pushed God out of our heart. Every time we choose to judge and attack anyone, including ourselves, it reopens the wound of our feeling bad, wrong and unlovable.

This constant reaffirming of the guilt keeps us living in fear. This is why we seek out and settle for special Love relationships to substitute for God’s Love. And, this is also why all of our special relationships have fear laced through them all.

Living our lives thinking that we’re separate, and that we have to meet all of our own needs, just keeps the separation alive, and means we will always live in fear and feeling a great and constant sense of lack and limitation that can never be resolved or dissolved by the ego.

This is why people have so much profound healing in our Masterful Living Course and community. We are actively remembering our true identity and eliminating the habits that keep us living in lack and limitation.

Forgiving OURSELVES is the way out of this ego hell. That’s why I offer this online workshop for everyone to come and get some lasting relief! It’s my gift to you – register now and bring a friend!

Forgive & Be Free LIVE VIDEO Workshop 

If you’d like to shift your whole orientation towards relationships, happiness and healing, as well as Self-Love, check out my yearlong Masterful Living Course 2019.

My Masterful Living Course helps people establish an effective spiritual practice. It’s a year long, course so we can do it together. It’s alive in us and unfolds through us, together and individually. It’s not intellectual. It’s from the heart.

The early bird special for Masterful Living Course 2019 is on right now. You can talk with a Spiritual Counselor to see if it’s right for you right now. There’s no charge. Click here now to book a free Exploratory Call.

Consider joining me – we start in 7 days! With my New Year’s Day class – New Year’s Reboot – it’s open to anyone, and is a free bonus class for everyone in Masterful Living.

In my yearlong Masterful Living Course, a number of people have healed these self-destructive habits such as rehearsing disappointment, failure, depression, gone off anti-depressants, let go of old hurts and sadness that has troubled them.

I share what I learned that shifted me out of my habits of ignoring my intuition and all the healing opportunities that God gave me in my Masterful Living Course 2019. Registration is open NOW with an early-bird price to inspire you to commit now and not get distracted. At no charge you can also book an Exploratory Call to speak with one of the Spiritual Counselors who has already done the program, and they can help you be clear if this is right for you right now.

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Taking action to break the patters of depression is a powerful step toward healing!

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