Lifted By Gratitude

December 5, 2018
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We’re rising up above the battlefield!

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Let’s just be grateful, shall we? Even if our family doesn’t agree with us, or even like us. Let’s be grateful. Even if the food comes out wretched, and the weather is awful, let’s just be grateful anyway.

I used to be ungrateful a lot of the time. I missed so many opportunities to experience the healing, expansive power of being thankful.

I’m glad to be aware that I can actively choose to be grateful NO MATTER WHAT. That is the attitude that has helped me transform my deepest pain.

Isn’t the prospect of transforming your deepest pain something that is worth being grateful about?

I know it’s very challenging to be grateful for what you don’t like. So, I learned to focus on being grateful for what I do like.

I’m grateful for sunshine and for snow.
I’m grateful for movies that I enjoy.
I’m grateful for anyone that has ever crossed my path.
I’m grateful that I can hear the birds singing.
I’m grateful that I can pray.
I’m grateful that I can listen to music.
I’m grateful for funny cat videos.
I’m grateful for beautiful flowers and trees.
I’m grateful for delicious food and snacks.
I’m grateful for a good cup of tea.
I’m grateful for beautiful smiles.
I’m grateful that parades and marching bands making me cry happy tears.
I’m grateful that you are my Prayer Partner!

Oprah said that the single most helpful thing that changed her life was being grateful. I heard her say that, in the beginning, sometimes all she could feel grateful for was ice cream and other foods.

That’s an okay place to start. It seems have to done pretty well for Oprah.

We can start there. I AM grateful for ice cream! AND I’m grateful for Oprah, and many other things.

There! I’m smiling, and my vibration feels lifted. I hope yours does, too!

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