My Christmas Miracle!

December 16, 2018

Forgiveness brings the sweet success of a miracle!

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We are so much alike, you and I. This is what I am learning ever more clearly each moment of each day. It’s because we are one and the same. Although the details at the surface look different, and even feel different, underneath there is this great sameness.

Life is such a strange and interesting thing.

Last night, I went to see the play Apologia on Broadway. The story is of a mother, played by Stockard Channing (whom I LOVE as the First Lady in West Wing), and her two grown sons. It’s a story of a catharsis in their dysfunctional family.

Watching this painful drama unfold, and observing the emotional flailing of their personalities, as well as the Love that they have for each other and the confusion of it all, I had the thought, “Life is so hard.” Being dysfunctional is so painful.

Yesterday, in my Forgive & Be Free live video workshop, I was sharing that I never imagined that forgiveness could bring me the life-changing results that it has. I truly would not have known it was possible, had I not proved it to myself.

I’m so glad I didn’t delay the miracles any longer!

The more functional I am, the more Joy I feel in life.
Forgiveness is the one thing that has brought me to that place.
Forgiveness is the one thing that opens my heart to really sharing Love.
Yesterday, after the workshop, I got caught up in prep for today’s follow up, and I completely forgot that I had a small window of time to get to the train station to go to NYC. I was taking my BFF, Chere, to the theatre for her birthday and, as it was, we’d not have time to meet for even a coffee before.

Suddenly, I realized, “OH NO! I have to get to the train!” I grabbed my coat and jumped in the car.

If you remember last Sunday’s “Shot of Spiritual Espresso”, you might recall that I took my niece, Olivia, to the theatre last weekend for her birthday. We took the bus, and were 30 minutes late to the theatre because the traffic was so horrendous. I didn’t wish to experience that again, so I was taking the train this time.

Only, I missed it. While I was walking from the car to the platform, the train came and went. I missed it by 60 seconds. I went back to my car, said a prayer and started driving.

Normally, at that time on a Saturday, it might take 45 minutes to get in to the city. It took about 1:10. But then, once I got into the city, it took about 30 minutes to go 10 blocks.

I knew I’d probably have to pay for parking. The chances of finding a great parking space in the Theatre District at showtime on a Saturday night, at Christmas, is about as good as winning the lottery.

As I drove across 46th street, I knew there would be many parking garages. I saw one that charged $6.50 per 30 minutes (plus tax of course) and I knew to keep going to find one closer to my destination, as Chere was standing in the lobby waiting for me. Across from the theatre, there was one for $10.50 per 30 minutes. If we went for a bite after theatre, the tab would be in the neighborhood of $80 for parking. Well, so be it. I’d rather be peaceful than bothered by money.

My intuition said to drive one more block.
I thought it was because the parking might be in the $6 range if I went a bit further.
It wasn’t. So, I started to turn into the parking garage there that was also $10.50, when I saw, right there, opposite the parking garage, a completely free legal spot with more than enough room for my car. Sweet!

It’s a Christmas miracle! My own non-judgment is the miracle – not the saved $80

Now, I did call to the angels ahead of time as I was driving to NYC and I said, “If it’s the highest and best, please find me a spot on the street that’s good and safe.” No attachment.

For me, the constant keys to living a joyful life are:

No attachment.
No judgment. (Which would be an attachment.)
Surrender, trust, extend kindness, patience, generosity and compassion.
Be receptive.

I didn’t think that I couldn’t find a spot. I was open-minded about it.
I didn’t know what anything was for, but I was definitely being guided to drive to the city and park, so I went with it. It wasn’t my plan, but that didn’t matter.

My goal is to be truly helpful and to be “Joy-full” all along the way.

I must point out that I didn’t have a single thought that I’d done something wrong.

Nothing was wrong when I completely forgot about my evening plans when I was wrapping up after the workshop.
Nothing was wrong when I missed the train.
Nothing was wrong when I was sitting in that bumper-to-bumper traffic for an hour and 15 minutes.

Everything is perfectly perfect and, so are we.
We can have Christ Miracles every day.
All day long – it’s how we’re meant to live.
It’s how we’re designed to live our lives.

The more I share about forgiveness, the more I remember the truth.
The more I remember the truth, the more I see how alike we are, and how encouraging it is to live life in a way that is spiritually productive and liberating.

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