December 8, 2018

We claim our innocence today!

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God doesn’t punish us. We perceive our challenges as punishment.

The ego is a punisher. Punishment is a function of separation thinking. We witness it again and again. When something really upsetting happens, we immediately look for whom to blame. That’s pure ego.

The ego loves to blame and point a finger. Spirit just loves to Love. Simple.

We live in a world where it seems like we’re being punished again and again, but it’s just not true. Our choices bring results. That’s cause and effect.

If I withhold Love, it will seem as though Love is being withheld from me.

If I attack, it will seem as though I am being attacked.

If I think poorly of myself, it will seem as though others think poorly of me.

It’s the way this world works.
We see what we believe.

I finally decided to be more loving and compassionate, simply because I felt better about everything when I was kinder and gentler.

It was selfish at first, but then I realized that extending Love brought great benefit, and I liked being a beneficial presence. I also liked being in the flow of Love.

I started to follow my bliss!
My bliss was loving my brothers and sisters, and accepting them as they were!
Who knew it could be so fulfilling?
God knew! LOL.

Of course, I had to forgive myself for all the years of judge, judge, judging.

Now I understand, in truth, we are all innocent and free!

I discovered that TRUE forgiveness is the way out of hell, and I am forever grateful, which is precisely why I decided to start sharing what I was learning and now, I’m offering my Forgive & Be Free workshop for free online, on video and inviting you to join me!

I can tell you that, as I focused on having happy healthy relationships, my Abundance has increased. I’m not the only one. It really does work. Please join me NEXT weekend in this free 3-part series on forgiveness, and be ready to bring forth miraculous healing, clearing and expansion. Let’s ROCK OUT this year and prepare for 2019!

Forgive & Be Free Workshop

If you’d like to shift your whole orientation towards Abundance, Prosperity and forgiveness, as well as relationships, check out my yearlong Masterful Living Course 2019.

I share what I learned that shifted me out of my habits of ignoring my intuition and all the healing opportunities that God gave me in my Masterful Living Course 2019.  Registration is open NOW with an early-bird price to inspire you to commit now and not get distracted.  At no charge you can also book an Exploratory Call to speak with one of the Spiritual Counselors who has already done the program, and they can help you be clear if this is right for you right now.

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    Collaboration Is Healing
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