December 22, 2018

We’re on the edge of enormous expansion!

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Good heavens! We’ve just come through a VERY intense recalibration. If you’ve been feeling like you’ve been shook up in your life in the last 10 days, and you were feeling freaked out, sick, depressed, or overwhelmed, a lot of it might have been through this intense recalibration we’ve just gone through.

It feels like the kind of energy of a snake shedding their skin. We’re shedding that which was outmoded and no longer desirable. There’s some effort to get through it, though!

AND, let’s be sure to release, release, release and not hold onto the past. Phew!

My car broke down again, but it’s all working out.
I’ve still got issues with my computer, but it will be figured out.

I feel so grateful for the emotional and mental healing people are having around me that I cannot stop for a minute to complain about the “problems.”

The main thing is, I feel the connections we’re having are deeper and more healing, more expansive, more powerful. So many of us are willing to really dive deep, and do the healing and clearing that we most desire to do.

I feel that part of this skin we’re shedding is made up of the resistance and reluctance that has kept us playing small.

The Christ Light is lighting up the darkness.
The full moon energy of releasing is supporting our healing.
The winter solstice is a great relief as the days will start getting lighter here every day.

It’s so valuable to ALWAYS know that all difficulties are here to help us learn and grow. We’re never being punished, always being supported.

This is a great time to do a full moon releasing ceremony.

Life has a great Love for us.
Now is the time to receive it and share it!
The Light has come!

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Taking action to break the patterns of depression is a powerful step toward healing!

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