December 29, 2018

I am grateful I can forgive myself for the upsets of the past.

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I used to offer the world a constant stream of snarky comments. It’s a defense against intimacy and connection. It’s a sign of insecurity. I’ve learned that the more secure I feel in God’s Love for me, the less I make sarcastic comments. Most of the time I don’t even think of them anymore.

I used to be SO tweaked by insecure people. Whenever I was around someone who acted in an insecure way, I would feel so uncomfortable I could hardly stand it. It took me a long time to realize why I was so bothered. Now, I get it.

#1 – I was bothered by my own judgments of insecure people. Myself, I was so insecure that the idea of hanging out with insecure people was more than I could handle. I was so completely rejecting my own insecurity, and so afraid of it, that I couldn’t handle anyone else’s insecurity.

#2 – Often, insecure people aren’t trustworthy because they don’t feel safe. They will do things out of fear, to protect themselves, and they can feel like a wildcard at times. Unpredictable.

However, I’ve since learned that offering compassion to insecure people is the way to go. Extending my heart even when they’re snarky and wearing their insecurity “on their sleeve.”

It’s easy to extend compassion now, because most insecure people (and this was me!!) don’t realize that the insecurity is coming from the inside, and so they’re trying to compensate for it by accomplishing things in the world, and that doesn’t work, so it just leads to an even greater insecurity. Ugh.

Again, the answer is compassion. Compassion is loving understanding and Love is the great healer. Love never fails. Forgiveness plays a great part, too. I had to forgive myself for ALL the years of unkind and snarky remarks that made my relationships so difficult.

Self-forgiveness is a great liberator. Don’t delay! Go for it today!

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