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Addicted to Fantasy

Today’s a big day! I’m launching my 5-Day Challenge to End My Self-Sabotage [1]. There’s no charge to participate and we’re going to focus [2] on self-medication. Please come join me.

One MAJOR form of self-sabotage that is also self-medication is spending a lot of time in fantasy – something I know a lot about. Not only was this an issue for me, it’s been an issue for many folks in my classes.

People don’t talk about it so much, so I thought I’d share about the differences between vision and fantasy. There’s a profound difference between vision and fantasy. I love A Course in Miracles teachings because they are so helpful. One thing they make clear is that the hero in the fantasy is always the body. If, in your fantasy of having a fabulous career, you envision yourself as a body, receiving praise, money, adoration, etc., then you can be sure that’s a fantasy.

In my experience, a vision of sharing my gifts [3] and talents is more focused on how I feel, and not at all on what it LOOKS like. In the vision of my success, I feel in the flow of Love. I’m sharing. It’s not about me getting. I’m receiving Divine Guidance and Inspiration, and I’m flowing that out into the world through sharing.

Understanding the difference between vision and fantasy, is very valuable. One is a valuable tool and the other is a form of self-medication. Vision is a very different energetic than fantasy. Fantasy is a drug for the ego. Vision is a beautiful Divine Insight.

Fantasy leaves us in a hangover of lack. Vision lifts us up into communion with Spirit and a willingness to receive insight and Clarity. What do you prefer? Expansion or addiction? Fantasy is often an addiction.

If you feel like you’re addicted to fantasy, give it all to the Higher Holy Spirit Self and open your mind to what is truly possible – the very HIGHEST spiritual vision. When you align with that vision, only good came come to you! All things work together for your good.

You’ll be truly amazed at how much better a life of vision feels than making more time for fantasy. Give up fantasy and you’ll realize what a drain it’s been!

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