Entitled to Miracles

January 11, 2019

We’re claiming our miraculous life!

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We’re entitled to miracles. One of the things I love so much about my Masterful Living Course is how excited people get when they realize they can stop repeating the past and life a life they really enjoy – it’s miraculous. People sometimes think that living a miraculous life is for other people, but not for them. People think that miracles are only for people who are special. It’s just not true.

A Course in Miracles, which is a curriculum entirely focused on recovering our miraculous mind and miraculous abilities, tells us that miracles are natural. This teaching gives us clear instruction in how to activate our miraculous life, and it works! That feels miraculous to me!

It all comes down to our willingness. Some people wouldn’t cross the street to experience a miracle because they are so convinced it’s not possible for them. I’ve learned that it’s my willingness that ACTIVATES the miracle.

A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 77 tells us: You are entitled to miracles because of what you are. You will receive miracles because of what God is. And you will offer miracles because you are one with God. Again, how simple is salvation! It is merely a statement of your true Identity. It is this that we will celebrate today.

Miracles aren’t what happens in our life experience. Miracles aren’t the events and occurrences that feel miraculous. Miracles are when we align with truth and surrender the blocks to Love. Then, our life shifts and changes in accordance with the shift in our willingness to BE loving and stop blocking the flow.

One of the debilitating side effects of self-sabotaging with self-medication is feeling trapped inside the patterns – blocked from the miracles we can feel are our inheritance. That’s why today we’re looking at how to become masterful at interrupting the patterns in my 5 Day Challenge to End Self Sabotage. I’m adding a BONUS class this coming Sunday, January 13th.

I am so grateful that it’s possible for anyone to shift and change their life through their willingness to do so. I love that we don’t have to know HOW to have a miracle, we only have to ALLOW.

I never tire of the truth. It’s always exciting to me, always new, always fresh and invigorating. I’m so grateful that we can cultivate our willingness and have an extraordinary healing. I’m claiming it for us NOW! May truth be revealed. May Love prevail in our lives!

Ready to Make A Leap? Masterful Living starts Monday!

My Masterful Living Course supports people in establishing an effective spiritual practice. It’s not intellectual. It’s from the heart. This is what works to undo these chains that bind us to keep repeating the past. You can talk with a Spiritual Counselor to see if Masterful Living is right for you right now. There’s no charge. Click here now to book a free Exploratory Call.

New Year’s Reboot replay is already available. If you’ve already registered for Masterful Living 2019 this is a bonus class and you’ll receive it automatically.

In my yearlong Masterful Living Course a number of people have healed these self-destructive habits such as rehearsing disappointment, failure, depression, and addiction. Many have gone off anti-depressants, let go of old hurts and sadness that has troubled them, even chronic pain seems to disappear for many.

I share what I learned that shifted me out of my habits of ignoring my intuition and all the healing opportunities that God gave me in my Masterful Living Course 2019. At no charge, you can also book an Exploratory Call to speak with one of the Spiritual Counselors who has already done the program, and they can help you be clear if this is right for you right now.

Click here now to book a free Exploratory Call.

Let’s heal the past and live a life we LOVE! Let’s ROCK this new year! Class begins January 14 – please register now!

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