Healing the Root Cause

January 17, 2019

We can enjoy the Peace of mind that comes from healing at the level of the mind.

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I used to be so convinced that what other people did and didn’t do was the reason I was upset. It was always out of my control. I was a victim. Life was happening TO me, and I didn’t like it. One of the ways I could take back control was to be upset and blame others. I could drag them into my upset. One of the best gifts we can give ourselves this new year is to stop thinking that other people are ever the cause of how we feel.

Our feelings are the direct result of our thinking combined with our belief. If we don’t like being upset, we can choose again, and this time we can choose Love.

I really don’t like drama in my life, except on the stage or in the movies. If it’s on the stage, I love it! If it’s in my house, I don’t like it. However, as someone who used to get upset quite easily and all throughout my day, I’ve learned the difference it makes to be able to be masterful with my thinking.

I’ve learned the value of spiritual sovereignty. I’ve learned to accept the miraculous healing opportunities that are contained in the upset when I’m willing to take responsibility – instead of pushing them away and medicating them. It’s a very different way of living.

A Course in Miracles tells me: “I’m never upset for the reason I think.”

People read that Lesson year after year, and they don’t really apply it as the powerful healing tool. You’d be amazed at how many people who are ACIM students write to me and tell me how upset they are when there’s a problem with their password, their payment, their downloads, or some other technical glitch that happens in the world of online delivery systems. Sometimes people start their message with “I’m so upset that …”

The way of the ego world is to think we’re upset because of situations and circumstances, but the actual fact is that we are never upset because of the reasons we think, if we think the reasons have to do with this world.

Think of it this way – if every time you got upset when someone didn’t call you when they said they would, you’d never heal the real cause of the upset. The real cause is the meaning that you make of it – the story that you tell yourself. That story is going to be some version of:

I’m not good enough and that’s why they don’t call.
They don’t respect me …
I’m not lovable …
Something’s wrong with me …
I’m bad …
I’m not worth it…

If all you do is get upset, then the pattern actually becomes stronger and more intense – more OPPRESSIVE. Is that what you are hoping to bring into your life? MORE upset? More of a sense of lack and limitation? That’s what allowing yourself to energize the upset patterns gives you, every single time.

This is EXACTLY why I focus on healing the patterns at the level of cause – eliminating the root cause of the upset so that we can feel more free and experience a miraculous life!

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