Hidden Belief

January 5, 2019

Let’s put spiritual awakening first this year and have fun doing it!

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One of the biggest challenges I’ve had to deal with is feeling that, no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get past a certain point. For a long time, I felt like there were was an invisible wall that I just couldn’t get around. It felt like there was such a mystery to this giant block.

I felt so discouraged that I could only go so far in my growth and development – I really wanted to make a leap. I didn’t realize that part of my problem was that I had a hidden belief that it just couldn’t work for me. I would never have believed it until I got past it. I didn’t allow myself to recognize the belief was even there.

I couldn’t address and heal what I couldn’t acknowledge, hence, my feeling like there was a barrier to my spiritual growth. It was very frustrating.

Over the years, I’ve found that many people are so convinced that things won’t work for them that they don’t even try. In fact, I find it quite interesting that, year after year, when I ask the good folks who enroll in my yearlong Masterful Living Course how they felt at the beginning of the year, they tell me that they were convinced that it wouldn’t work for them. They’re so surprised when it does work for them. It’s a huge relief to begin to feel like they can have true success.

The “Why bother?” factor is intense. It can feel like a formidable obstacle. It’s why one of the things I focus on in Masterful Living is helping people to build the momentum to move through that obstacle in the mind.

Gaining motivation does require willingness. It can be really challenging to have willingness when you also have the mindset of “why bother, when it never works for me?”

Now, I feel more and more unlimited every day.

Sometimes people, subconsciously, set out to prove that it will never work for them. They’d like permission to give up. They’d like to feel that they’re so wrong and so bad that it cannot work for them. And, of course, if you believe it, you’re going to see it whether it’s there or not.

This is why making a shift takes courage. It takes courage to be willing to invest in gaining enough momentum to bust through the old thinking of “Why bother?” To the one who has no faith, “Why bother?” is a safe bet. There’s nothing to lose – or so it seems.

I understand.
I tried so many things and felt like a failure SO many times.

However, I can honestly say that when I had a true willingness, then I began to feel and see things change in my life. I decided to really PROVE God in my life, and then I began to build momentum.

One of the things that changed for me was I just couldn’t stay stuck anymore. It was too uncomfortable. I had to be willing to go for it. How about you?

Are you willing to REALLY go for it this year? I feel like we can have the most amazing year ever!

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