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January 31, 2019

Prayer partnerships are a wonderful investment in our healing!

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Right now I’m visiting my BFF, Rev. Karen Russo in Scottsdale, Arizona and I feel blessed. Karen and I have been Prayer Partners for more than 20 years, and our relationship is so clean and clear. We’re 100% in support of each other.

I have my “spiritual posse” of Prayer Partners that are the best-est of friends, and it’s a powerful and beautiful thing to have a solid relationship that is completely about support and celebration of our divinity and Wholeness. My Prayer Partners are my best friends, and I can count on them to join with me and remember the truth with me. We each feel secure in the knowledge that we’re supported at a profound and fundamental level. It’s spiritual security.

Many desire to have spiritual expansion, to feel that deep and fulfilling connection with Spirit. Many yearn simply to be at Peace. And still, there’s resistance and reluctance. Sometimes it seems endless and oppressive – but there’s a cure. It’s the willingness to look within to find the Kingdom of God, where it is actually located.

There’s no substitute for doing the inner work, and there’s no greater way I know than to be able to do it with like-minded souls. Because we resist it so much, it’s a great relief to know that when we gather together, two or more, we can have extraordinary breakthroughs and healing. There’s power in joining!

I encourage you to find a group, a Prayer Partner, a community and commit to the highest level of healing that you’re willing to accept. Now is the time of great healing – let’s say YES and invite the Higher Holy Spirit Self to join us with like-minded souls for our healing!

This is why I LOVE retreats. We get so much ACCOMPLISHED in our healing. It’s beautiful to experience!

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  • Related Posts:

    When Happiness Feels Elusive
    When Happiness Feels Elusive
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