True Perception & Miracles

January 22, 2019
True Perception & Miracles

On Deer Isle Maine there are many beautiful places where the woods and the sea are met with a path that wanders in the most delightful way - one of my favorite places in the world!

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For so long, I was convinced that I had to manage and cope with fear. I had to solve the problem that fear was to me. It felt so daunting. And, there were times when it felt like a gauntlet I was running. This is what perception is all about. “Perception” and “mis-perception” go together.

Every day we can transmute fear, and negativity, and upset from the past if we put some attention on it – we have the power. We don’t have to figure out HOW. We only have to Partner UP, request and receive Divine Assistance, and ALLOW the healing.

We ask, receive and allow Divine Assistance in all things.

It seems like the causes of fear are in the world, but they’re not. The causes of fear are in our perception. Where does our perception come from? It comes from our belief system. Change our beliefs, and we can eliminate all the causes of fear. Let’s do it as a gift to ourselves. Let’s do it out of Love for ourselves.

Eliminating the habits of fear and changing our beliefs is so completely doable when we’re willing. It requires focus, attention, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude. It is not hard. The world will tell you it’s hard. The ego will tell you it is impossible. It only seems hard because we have an attachment to thinking the causes of fear are outside. And, with God, all things are possible.

If we’re looking outside for the causes of fear or Peace, then we’re looking in the wrong place for the solution, too. That’s what makes it SEEM so hard to heal! We’re trying to do it by ourselves and we’re looking in the wrong place.

Looking within is the right place. And, looking within can seem scary when we don’t Love ourselves. Making Self-Love the #1 priority is a smart move. It’s not ego – it’s Spirit. Once I made Self-Love the priority in my life, everything else began to shift and it paid off really well for me.

We decide we’re going to shift.

We decide to Love ourselves, and then the shift comes, if only we can stop fighting it.
Life gets on track and in tune when we Love ourselves. Love heals all wounds. The time for us to rise and shine is now!

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