Willing To Be Willing

January 3, 2019

Let’s be willing to be even a little bit more willing!

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About 20 years ago, on New Year’s Eve, I made up my mind to be “unbotherable”. I’m not there yet, but that’s my goal. I get closer every day. It’s such a good goal to have.

With being “unbotherable” as my goal, I can make progress every day. I can be successful every day. Each time I’m bothered, I can turn around the cause of my upset by giving it to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing. Every day has become a healing day.

People often don’t bother to set REAL aspirations, intentions and goals because it feels like it’s a fantasy that will never happen. “Why put attention on something where I’ll just be left wanting and not having? Why bother?”

Yet, what life has taught me is that, if I hold my aspirations, intentions and goals high in front of me, like a beacon of light pointing the way WITHOUT needing, wanting, grasping and craving, then they will become made manifest, if they’re for my highest and best.

This is why in Finding Freedom and Masterful Living we make a Contract with our Higher Self about our aspirations, intentions and goals. They become the direction we’re headed, and Spirit charts the trajectory as I was talking about in New Year’s Reboot Class the other day about course correction.

We set an aspiration, intention or goal the way that NASA decides to send a rocket to the moon – or China – and in order to meet the goal, they have to course correct all the way in order to factor in all the different things that affect the rocket along its trajectory.

A Course in Miracles tells us in Lesson 135 that “a healed mind does not plan.” which means we let Spirit guide us – we can have what we would call “a plan,” like I have a plan to finish writing this Spiritual Espresso. However, we release all attachment to it. We let Spirit guide us.

People don’t trust Spirit, so they don’t allow themselves to feel, hear, see, know the guidance that they’re getting. As a Spiritual Counselor for 18 years, I’ve talked with countless people who would like to receive Spirit’s guidance but, in truth, they are intensely afraid of being guided to do something they don’t want to do.

This is precisely why ACIM tells us that our willingness is all that’s required. Are you REALLY willing to follow the guidance? Let’s look at that and decide. Let’s make the highest decision we can this day, this moment, this year.

I have often learned the grace of being “willing to be willing”. And even the power in being “willing to be willing to be willing”. A little bit will take us all the way!

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Let’s heal the past and live the life we LOVE! Let’s ROCK this new year!

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