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February 11, 2019

Together, we can heal depression!

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I’m excited about today! First, let me say that it’s the very last day this year to enroll in my Masterful Living Course 2019 – registration is closing until next year.

This time of year there can be a lot of talk about sadness and depression. Old hurts are coming up to be healed. Some people live in places where it gets quite dark in winter. When it’s cold and dark it can be really tough for some.

At times it seems that the darkness can lead us to more sadness and more choices that fuel physical challenges. When we’re experiencing the dark days of winter, more time inside, we can consume more alcohol and sugar, and that can have an impact on how we feel physically, and also emotionally. Sometimes when self-medication intensifies, the combination leads to depression and hopelessness – it can be so intense.

The dark time of year is also an external invitation to turn inward and find the Light there – where it has always been.

One thing that can become apparent is the gravitation to moodiness. Sometimes the intensity of emotional swings can make some people feel alive, strange as it seems. There’s a sense of “specialness” in feeling so badly. While I never have had depression, I could go into a sense of sadness for long periods when I was younger. I was really into the “specialness” of my moods, attitudes and drama. I felt so special because I felt so misunderstood. It was a reason for existing – or so I thought!

On top of that, when we find ourselves feeling sad and depressed, it can begin to feel like your caught in quicksand. It can feel like an energetic whirlpool pulling you down, down, down, with no bottom in sight.

I feel grateful for the beautiful clarity of A Course in Miracles – it’s not always easy to hear this, but I have experienced it to be true:

“When you are sad, know this need not be. Depression comes from a sense of being deprived of something you want and do not have. Remember that you are deprived of nothing except by your own decisions, and then decide otherwise.” (ACIM, Chapter 14, Section IV, This Need Not Be – Paragraph 5)

It can seem that the world has got us into that state of lack and limitation.

It can seem that things are being taken from us.

It can seem that what we want we do not have, cannot have, and will never have.

Appearances are symbolic of our beliefs.

Let us heal the mind that believes in lack by identifying with our spiritual identity – which lacks in nothing – it IS that inner Light.

I AM that great I AM. I AM the Light. I AM the Love.

We must have the courage to look within and discover the Kingdom is within, and not the ugliness and despair we think is all that’s there. That’s just not true. The Light within WILL win!

Year after year in my Masterful Living Course I witness as people heal chronic depression. Some have suffered for more than a decade and have lasting healing after just a few months. The healing happens when we’re willing to change our mind. And truly, if we’re willing, the Spirit WILL do the heavy lifting.

If you’re feeling depressed, feeling far from being Light and Love, know that it is your willingness to choose another thought that is your healer – count your blessings – Love and gratitude is the spiritual practice that heals.

And if you’d like the support of a simple program that’s proven to work, and the company of some beautiful, committed, like-minded souls from all over the world, then don’t hesitate to join us in Masterful Living 2019click here to discover what awaits you!

Masterful Living Course 2019 last day to register!

Together, let’s give up all the time wasting and delaying tactics of the ego. Let’s roll up our spiritual sleeves and see what magnificence looks and feels like! Today’s the last day to join us!

If you’d like support to decide if this class is right for you right now, consider signing up for a free Exploratory Call. No pressure. No sales. You’ll connect with a Spiritual Counselor who has taken the course, and done the work, and can answer your specific questions. It’s totally free for you. Click here to sign up for an Exploratory Call.

Retreat with us! We’re offering a deeply healing, renewing and restoring retreat March 20 to 24. As always on my retreats we’ll have a lot of fun while we’re doing a lot of deep cleansing and clearing of old emotional and mental baggage. It’s such a relief to let it go! If you’d like to start your spring with real clarity and healing, come join us!

Spring Clearing Retreat March 20 to 24 – with Lisa Natoli, Corinne Zupko, Jon Mundy, myself and more! Plus, Jon Mundy and I are offering our How to Create & Lead A Workshop training which includes certification to lead my Forgive & Be Free Workshop! March 14 to 20. Register for both and receive an additional discount. Click now for details!

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