Lessons of Love

February 5, 2019

We’re remembering the truth through learning the lessons of Love!

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Love never fails and ego always fails. It’s the truth of life, and it’s borne out every single day of our lives. We can learn from our expressions of Love and, when we do, it awakens our remembrance of the truth – it’s liberating.

If I could give you some knowledge, some insight, some healing awareness, it would be the belief that you can never fail, because you are Love and Love never fails.

For me, the way that I have learned this is to place my faith and trust in Love. The way I have learned that Love never fails, that the Light of God can never fail, is to be in service to the Light – to live in service to the Light, and it is through being that, living that, doing that, that I’ve come to know and understand that Love and Light cannot fail.

Now, I can see that the only failure there is is the “failure to communicate” Love. And yet, when it seems that we’ve failed to be loving, because of Love and the Power of Love, there is always learning and so Love wins.

What would you invest yourself in, if you knew you couldn’t fail? Be the Love in that thing and you will not fail, you cannot fail.

My invitation to you today is to practicing being of service to the Light through all that you do today. It’s about being Love in your mind and shining that forth into all of your activities. People cannot fail to notice and be inspired, too. And in this way, we share our success with everyone!

This is precisely why the #1 benefit people see in their lives during my Masterful Living Course is the transformation of their relationships. The healing happens in our hearts and spreads to everyone we know. It’s truly miraculous and so inspiring!

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Together, let’s give up all the time wasting and delaying tactics of the ego. Let’s roll up our spiritual sleeves and see what magnificence looks and feels like! You have until Feb 12 to decide or wait until next year.

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