Spiritual Practice Saves Money

February 2, 2019

Let’s choose to be as effective as we can be!

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I am constantly delighted by how God works in my life. I frequently say that spiritual practice saves time, money and energy, and it does. There’s tangible proof every day.

I remember one time when my computer’s DVD player wasn’t working properly, and I got a strong feeling that it was time to call Apple and find out what to do about it. The technician suggested that it might be a software issue and I should update to the latest operating system.

So, I backed everything up and did the update. That didn’t fix my DVD player. What it did was, it slowed my laptop way down. By Friday night it was so slow it was really difficult to work. Remember swapping floppies back in the old days thirty years ago? It was slow like that.

So, I called tech support and spent a couple of hours on the phone and there was no end in sight, so I decided to take the laptop to the Apple store.

At the store, I had a great Genius bar rep who was so sweet and helpful. It was a pleasure to spend time with her. In the end, here is the good news:

My laptop was 8 days from the warranty protection plan expiring, and if I hadn’t brought it in, I wouldn’t have realized it.

They’re replacing the DVD player under warranty.

They’re going to do an extra check of every component and part to make sure everything works well before that warranty expires.

They’re going to Fed-Ex it back to me.

Thank you, Spirit for sending me the intuitive hit to take care of the DVD player now and not wait!

Back in the old days, when the ego ran my life I would have been so angry and upset that any of the issues were happening, and I can bet you that the Genius Bar Goddess would not have shined her wonderful light on me and felt called to be so helpful.

I know that everything went so well because there was nothing to forgive – I didn’t feel I needed to forgive Apple when I walked in the store with my “problem.” Instead, I was simply going in for assistance, to improve things, and that’s what I got – assistance.

While I was there, I enjoyed being patient, for the most part, that everything worked together for my good and I was able to enjoy my laptop for a while longer..

I can honestly see that because of my attitude, and my Peace, I really did save time, money and energy.

That’s how life is. It’s EXTREMELY valuable to realize it. It’s so worth it to have patience. When I have patience it’s so easy to see how completely loved I am by the Universe! That’s why ACIM says, “Infinite patience produces immediate results.”

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