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Yesterday was National Golden Retriever day and in case you missed it, I’m here to remind you. My family has had two Goldens, and we just love them in our family. Max was the last “good boy” we had and he was a precious charmer.

When my mom was so ill, he was glued to her most of the time. When she could still walk, he wanted to be so close to her he’d go right along side her no matter how slow she walked. I knew he was supporting her energetically, and he was there to break her fall if she teetered.

When the doctor made a house call,or the hospice workers were in for a visit, they’d kick Max out of the room and shut the door. He’d put his nose in the crack of the door and whine until they let him in. He knew he was supposed to be in there for moral support [1]!

I just love this video I saw today, and it reminds me so much of how precious Max is and how much I miss him. I dare you to watch this video only one time!

Please tell me which one of these precious pups is your favorite in the comments below! I think the one in the pink getting a bath is my favorite, but, gosh, it’s hard to choose!

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