Manifesting, Life Purpose and Relationships

March 14, 2019
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Let’s claim our inheritance!

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When I first started counseling people, many people were asking for help living their life purpose, healing their relationships, and manifesting the life they desired. These are three main topics that people have in life.

Being successful at living our life purpose, having great relationships and manifesting even the most basic necessities can all seem like a big mystery. We don’t wish to manifest our heart’s desire only to have it slip through our fingers. We’d like to have the consciousness to hold on to it!

Everything in our life is a demonstration of our beliefs. Many times beliefs are hidden, and even though we believe life is abundant, we’re not experiencing it. We can believe that God is Love, but we’re not experiencing it. This can be intensely frustrating.

We feel like a failure, and we know that’s not helpful. We label “not spiritual” and it makes us feel like a fake, adding insult to injury. It doesn’t have to stay that way.

When you think of manifesting, do you think of:

  • Home, Car, Vacations, or
  • Paying the bills, Groceries, Needs of your family, or
  • Life Purpose and Career, Relationships with a partner and friends

If your answer is ONE or ALL of the Above, then I’d like to share with you an event I’m participating in that’s completely free.

Join me speaking with my colleague, Melissa Lilly Nelson, on New Three University’s Manifesting, Life Purpose and Relationships online event. This is my second time doing an event with Melissa, and it may call to you where you are right now.

I agree with Melissa when she shares that “manifesting an abundant life purpose and Supportive Relationships is our birthright!.” It’s our nature to be in the flow of Love, Abundance, Wisdom, and to live our true purpose.

You’re Invited, Click Here to Join Us.

This event is not overwhelming, because the interviews are only 20 minutes each, give great advice, and it’s a small group of teachers so you won’t get a ton of e-mails. And, you can always unsubscribe when you feel complete, but it’s definitely worth giving each person a listen. Enjoy!

If you’re willing to have the courage to heal – we’re going for it – come with us!


Let’s have some fun with our healing! Spring Clearing Healing Retreat March 20 to 24 – with Lisa Natoli, Corinne Zupko, Jon Mundy, myself and more!

Ready for some healing? If you’re tired of playing small, and feeling like your stuck of blocked, or your just ready to make a leap in consciousness consider joining me this month in one of the great events we have plannedWe have payment plans if you need them.

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