No Ego Satisfaction

March 15, 2019
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Overcoming ego distractions is our goal!

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There’s no such thing as ego satisfaction. It doesn’t exist. What does exist is spiritual fulfillment. Let’s go for that.

Have you ever been consumed and distracted with accomplishing errands and doing chores, instead of expanding into Love, Beauty and Wisdom through spiritual practice? I have! I’ve chosen the ego satisfaction of getting things done instead of deepening my spiritual connection.

The ego has a lot of tricks that are really subtle, and they can hook us so easily.

Sometimes we’d rather run errands and get chores done than simply be contemplative and commune with Spirit for 20 minutes. We’re avoiding that spiritual connection. The ego is such a trickster. We can get everything done and orderly and have missed *the whole point of experiencing more order and Clarity. It’s not about ego satisfaction and accomplishment. The point is for us to choose Clarity and experience Clarity. It’s not about what we did – it’s about what we ARE.

Then, too, some folks live in such a mess of disorder that they find it impossible to concentrate and are always off balance, and playing catch up, arriving late and feeling distracted, and so they spin around for those 20 minutes that they could have used to tune in and tune UP! Been there and done that!

Right now, more than ever, there’s gold in the little moments – because the choice we make is either opening to Love or choosing separation – even in the little and insignificant choices. There’s the power and presence of God in each choice we make, if we look for it. It’s SO worth making a series of seemingly small loving choices. In my experience, it’s life-changing. It’s that drip, drip, drip that can fill a bucket much quicker than we thought.

The thing that helps us to keep from being caught in those ego distractions is to have a clear aspiration for awakening to our true identity AND a strong intention to be aligned with our Higher Holy Spirit Self. Spirit will lead us if we’re intending to be led.

This I know – each moment we can start again. It’s important to realize that many small loving choices each day transform our fearful life into a life full of Love.

I say, let’s go for spiritual fulfillment! Our HEART is the heart of God and that IS the Kingdom. Are you in? What say you?

If you’re willing to have the courage to heal – we’re going for it – come with us! We have a couple of spots left.


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