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Right now I’m looking for a home near my brother in New Jersey. Where he lives he’s just 13 miles from Manhattan. In fact, you can see a beautiful view of that gorgeous NYC skyline a couple of blocks from my bro’s house.

Being so close to New York, and also being in a town with such good public schools, the taxes are super high, the houses are very desirable. I’m looking in a couple mile radius of my brother and in nearby towns. I’ve been out-bid on a couple of houses, and I’m continuing to look. I’m realizing that it takes quite a bit of time, and it’s not a lot of fun.

This week I bid the max I could afford on a house that was just 0.6 miles from my bro and had low taxes for the area. I bid way over the asking, and I was still a long way from the winning bid. The winner bid 2x over asking what I bid.

That’s life. For me, I trust that it wasn’t the best house for me. I trust that what is best for me will come to me and it will work out well. I don’t need to make anything happen – I let Spirit provide for me. I used to try to make things happen and I don’t like the energy [1] of that AT ALL anymore.

This way of living and being works only because I really trust that everything is working together for my good. I’m so grateful to be at Peace [2] about it.

Knowing that the highest and best is all that can unfold, I’m in joyful [3] anticipation! My realtor says she’s learning a lot from me. That’s sweet. We’re blessing each other. Life is good.

I’ve never owned a home of my own, and I ask for your prayers and blessings for ease and grace all the way. I can’t wait to see my new house!


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