March 4, 2019

We’re receptive to the Niagra Falls of good that is our inheritance!

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Being receptive to Abundance and Prosperity is a thing that we can learn and get good at. I feel it’s super important that spiritual students become excellent at receiving, so that we can lead this world into a time of infinite Prosperity and remembering our spiritual inheritance of unlimited good.

This past week in Masterful Living we were talking about some of the challenges spiritual students have. One is that we can think it’s better to give than to receive, and so we don’t get really good at receiving.

I used to really struggle with finances and it took me a long time to realize that everything we receive comes from Spirit, and since Spirit is all there is, everything we give and share goes to Spirit, as well. It’s the perfect circle of giving and receiving, and what interrupts it is hoarding or withholding.

If we’re hoarding and withholding, then we’re not in the flow of the Infinite. Instead, we’re trying to manage and control the Infinite giving and receiving that Spirit is always offering us – and that just messes things up.

If you’d like to experience more good, share more good.
If you’d like to have more Prosperity, be willing to pass it along and keep it going.
If you’d like to receive more inspiration and support, then be grateful for what you have.

We cannot control the Source of All Good – hoarding is trying to control.
Withholding is trying to control.
Trying to control just cuts us off from the flow.
That’s the opposite of Prosperity and Abundance.

Be a great giver AND a great receiver to bring your life into balance. It really works!


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