Resistance to Happiness

March 26, 2019

We can open ourselves to happiness.

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Many people have resistance to being happy and don’t do anything about it. Just think — if we have a resistance to being happy while we’re also, simultaneously, pursuing the things that will make us happy, aren’t we like a cat chasing its tail? We’re going in circles without ever getting anywhere or accomplishing our goal.

Some folks have an actual fear of being happy and will work to avoid the possibility. They’ll even sabotage their happiness for fear of it. They have an aversion to the very vibration of happiness.

How could this be?

A Course in Miracles tells us that guilt is the underlying condition of the mind that keeps the belief in separation from God in place. When we feel guilty, we feel unworthy. When we feel unworthy of Love and goodness, we can also feel unworthy of happiness.

Many people don’t even realize that they have a fear of God. The fear of God is also fear of punishment – because people who fear God usually believe that God is a punisher. The guilty fear punishment, and so they fear God.

When people feel guilty and fear punishment, they will frequently develop self-sabotage to avoid happiness. They have a hidden belief that if they punish themselves, they can avoid God’s punishment, which would be worse. God’s punishment would be plague, famine, flood or something horrendous. So, instead, they just don’t allow themselves to experience happiness.

All of this resistance to happiness can be corrected, and we can open ourselves to true Joy. This is our spiritual imperative. We are designed to be joyful and to learn through Joy.

When we’re joyful, we are teaching others that they can be joyful, too. We’re giving them permission to be happy, too. This is a wonderful way to be truly helpful and bring benefit in this world.

Do you notice you have a resistance to happiness? Please let me know in the chat below!

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