A Gift

April 20, 2019

I am grateful to be grateful!

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Gratitude is a gift. I’ve realized that there are so many blessings I receive every single day – even when it feels like a difficult day or a painful day, my day is still filled with blessings and gifts.

Gratitude is the gift I share with Spirit, with the angels and with all humanity.

When there’s a moment of fear or worry, panic, or wounding being able to authentically find the place of gratitude for something, for anything, we’re lifted and shifted.

Sometimes I realize I haven’t stepped into gratitude all day. I have days that are so busy, sometimes, and I can’t remember when I stopped just to be grateful. It’s never too late to be grateful. Sometimes I swear I can hear the angels dancing and singing when we’re grateful.

Being grateful is the gift we share with Spirit.
Gratitude multiplies the good.
Thanksgiving brings more to be grateful for.

Gratitude is an active spiritual practice, and I’m glad I’m able to be aware of it. I used to be such a complainer and now I am grateful to look for the good and be grateful for it.

Sometimes many things go wrong and yet, I can be grateful anyway. I am grateful for that too!

I’m grateful for all the difficulties I’ve had and being able to share the benefits I’ve learned with the folks I get to serve. Life really IS good. Gratitude helped me to find that good and share it with others.

What are you grateful for? Please share with me in the comments below!! Let’s celebrate together!

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