April 1, 2019

Spirit’s nature is Abundance and that’s our nature too. Abundantly beautiful, abundantly blessed!

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Abundance and Prosperity are spiritual qualities that are part of our Divine Nature. We can always open to receive more and to share more.

I’ve come to feel that it’s very important for the Light Workers of the world to demonstrate our natural Prosperity and Abundance, and help turn around the consciousness of lack, attack, limitation, and separation that is so prevalent in the world.

One way to actually do that is to start replacing the lack and limitation thoughts, the thoughts of attack and separation from good, with thoughts of Abundance and Prosperity. Now, I know that sounds very simple, but it is actually quite life-changing. I know this because I’ve done it, and experienced the benefits.

People often want to know what they can do to increase their Prosperity, but they often don’t follow through.

It’s a HUGE help to start making a list of lack thoughts. Draw attention to them. Become conscious of them. Make a list in a notebook or in the notes app in your phone. Write them down all throughout your day.

Catch the lack thoughts and replace them with Prosperity thoughts.

Commit to writing down the thoughts of lack and limitation for an entire week. Identify them so that you’re very aware of them. Then, begin to replace them with thoughts of Abundance and Prosperity.

Use thoughts like these to replace them:

God’s Nature is Abundance and so is mine.
I am in the flow of the All-Good all the time.
I claim my Prosperity and share the benefits with all.
I am willing to demonstrate my prosperous nature.
I am grateful for all that I have and all that is flowing to me.
I am receptive to the flow of infinite Abundance.
It is my nature to be prosperous.

Doing this catch and replace as part of my spiritual practice really lifted and shifted me.

Another thing that helped tremendously was using my forgiveness letter to forgive myself for all of the grievances I’d held against myself. We cannot hold grievances AND be in the flow of Abundance and Prosperity. Spirit just doesn’t allow it.

Even if you had lots of money and held lots of grievances, you wouldn’t enjoy the money and it would never be enough.

Happiness comes with forgiveness, and so does Prosperity and Abundance.

If you’ve already done this practice and seen the results, encourage someone else, and let us know in the comments section below!

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