April 17, 2019
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Let’s bring in a rainbow clearing in our heart and mind!

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For some, it’s a time of Spring cleaning and clearing away the clutter amassed in the winter. When we’re cleaning out things that have been in storage, in a closet, or a garage or anywhere, we may have amassed a lot of things. There are a couple of approaches we can take. We can throw everything away and just clear the space, or we can go through things and decide what’s worth keeping and what’s no longer valuable.

When we take everything to the dump, there’s the possibility that we can throw out some things that are valuable to us and not even know it. When we go through things individually, there’s the possibility that we can trigger old attachments and beliefs. For both of these reasons, it’s so valuable to be clear about our intention before we begin.

If we take everything to the dump in one fell swoop, are we thinking that we can avoid pain and suffering by avoiding examining the past?

If we look through everything one by one, are we doing it because we’re fearful that we might throw out something that we need?

We can approach the taking out the trash in our mind with at least as much attention as we do with the clutter in our home. If we can begin with the intention to be focused on spiritual truth and be helpful to ourselves, we’re going to have a different experience than if we aren’t clear what our intention is.

Intention can be so helpful to us to keep us on track. It’s what we hold in our heart that unfolds.

When clearing out the past, are we in reaction and fearful?

Or, are we loving ourselves free of limited thinking from the past?

No one can decide our intention for us – this is our own inner work to do.
It’s valuable and it’s also life-changing.
No joke – NOW is the time of our resurrection!

As we’re speeding to Easter this week, on top of a full moon, it’s a great time to be intentional about releasing the past and taking out the trash in our mind, as well as our life.

Let’s be grateful as we take out the trash. With an attitude of gratitude we can do the decluttering mindfully by having a clear intention. And, let’s the heavy lifting to the Higher Holy Spirit Self! We don’t have to figure out how, we learn to allow!

Taking out the mental and emotional trash is a key element to my Finding Freedom From Fear program. I haven’t offered my Finding Freedom From Fear Spiritual Boot Camp class in six months, but I’m thinking of offering it soon. I’m thinking of doing something special next time I offer it, so that people can do the class with a friend or family member, as there is definitely strength in joining with a partner. If you’d like to be on the waiting list so you can join me next time I offer it, you can go here to sign up for the waiting list and I’ll keep you posted.

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